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Innovation Intelligence Review #53

AI: 1️⃣ Neuro AI, What It Is And Where It Is Used; 2️⃣, AI And Tax; 3️⃣ AI And Market Of Writing (Books And Short Stories)-Business Travel…

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This Week:

  • AI: 1️⃣ Neuro AI, What It Is And Where It Is Used; 2️⃣, AI And Tax; 3️⃣ AI And Market Of Writing (Books And Short Stories)
  • Business Travel, An Old Custom
  • Innovation Intelligence Tools: 1️⃣ 2022 Gartner Hype-Cycle; 2️⃣ 2022 State Of Digital
  • Privacy: 1️⃣ Yet Another Example Of A Slap In The Face Of Any Existing Law; 2️⃣ VPN Providers Relationships Mapping
  • Quantum Criticism: Prepare NCFs (National Critical Functions) By NIST Standards
  • Social Behaviors: Permashifting, Mental Clones And Metaverses
  • Essay 🧐: 1️⃣ The Debate On Living In The Matrix, New (Excellent And Against) Arguments; 2️⃣ A Quick History Of UI/UX Interfaces

AI 1️⃣, neuro AI, definition and uses, in the health and non-health fields, of the discipline between neurology, computer science and psycho (psychology and psychiatry) born in 2014 with a dual purpose: to build AI using the brain as a model and to understand how it works using AI, AI intelligence by Future

AI 2️⃣ and tax, after the Italian tax agency which, as I reported some time ago, had the EU funded the development of an AI process for the crossing of the numerous databases at its disposal for the tax evaders, system currently in beta -test, now it’s time for France. The French tax agency has devised a system to cross-reference the data of the land registry with the images of Google and find the abusive swimming pools: the process will also be optimized for the undeclared extensions of the properties. Respect of privacy (Italian and French)? It is not known, AI intelligence by The Guardian

AI 3️⃣ and writing, the market for indie publications, on Amazon and other platforms, by authors specialized in series composed of short stories is very flourishing and allows many to live without the yoke of publishing houses. The problem is the deadlines, which readers must be accustomed to in order to be followed: this is being overcome by the automatic writing AI processes that work, such as the generation of photographs, on descriptive contexts, AI intelligence by The Verge

Business travel, the data show how business travel market, especially in Europe, especially by plane, has received a decisive blow. Killers were the replacement tools used during the pandemic but, if this is the result, probably most of the physical presence, the cause of the pre-pandemic business travel, could easily be replaced by digital meetings, market intelligence by Quartz

Innovation Intelligence Tools 1️⃣, fundamental tool for those who do my work is Gartner Hype Cycle on emerging technologies, of which, like every August, the new version comes out. In the general cycle, the comparison with that of last year is interesting, with reference to both the presence and positioning of the various technologies.

Innovation Intelligence Tools 2️⃣, another fundamental tool, also just released, is the State of Digital by We Are Social. The information in the 296 pages of the report is manifold: the main headlines I think are that 63% of the world population is connected to the internet and 59% uses social networks.

Privacy 1️⃣, these are the posts that I enjoy sending to my many friends who deal with privacy, as scholars and as lawyers. The investigation in this case concerns a platform used by US police and security agencies: it is just the latest example, in the rest of the world the problems are no different, and almost every week I report investigations into the issue. The fact of the matter is that privacy laws are, as well as now structured, just bullshit: they create additional bureaucratic intricacies for people and companies, they do not protect anyone and are ignored, for their own purposes, by anyone who benefits from them (government agencies in the first place) without any consequences, privacy intelligence by Vice and others

Privacy 2️⃣, interesting examination, written and graphic, of the various VPN providers. Why interesting? Because this way you understand if your web browsing data are actually protected (which you pay for) or are provided in exchange for a simple government request or money, privacy intelligence by Windscribbles

Quantum criticism, I have already addressed the problem of cybersec here with regard to the advancement of quantum computing studies. It is not a tomorrow morning problem but the first one who reaches the goal will cause in an instant we can throw in the trash the whole history of secure communications based on the currently known and used cryptography: certainly they will not tell us before. The problem is well described here by RAND with a focus on US NCFs and, with the same focus, the effort that NIST is making to dictate standard estimates is commendable, quantum intelligence by NIST

Social behaviors, permashifting is a new social behavior (with its community on TikTok) that is being witnessed with the advent of the metaverse and VR. It takes its cue from the individual dissociation with the RR (Reality), which has always existed, to go and live in a non-continuous way in alternative realities (and better suited to one’s being) no longer hosted exclusively in one’s own mind but in the metaverses and in VR . In other words, mental clones with whom one moves elsewhere for some time. Awesome. Social intelligence by Input

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