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Innovation Intelligence Review #62

AI: 1️⃣ A Creative New World By Sequoia, 2️⃣ Attack Methodologies for Manipulating Machine Learning-Crypto ATM: 1️⃣ Brazil And Tether…

  • Crypto ATM: 1️⃣ Brazil And Tether Stablecoin, 2️⃣ Spain And Rest Of The World
  • Geoeconomics: 1️⃣ Scenario Of The Effects Of US Technology Sanctions On China, 2️⃣ New Online Gov Thematic Site On US Chips Policies, 3️⃣ State of Commerce 2022 And Impact of Emerging Technologies
  • Intelligence, How AI Can Be Useful For Intelligence Analysis
  • OSINT, New Internet Storical Archive
  • Robot, Self-Driving Cars, After Investments For $100 Billion Where Are We?
  • Funny 🙂, A Tunnel To The Antipodes



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