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Innovation Intelligence Review #8

Short weekly review to facilitate deepening about innovative medium-term themes and scenarios in the social-tech fields

Follyphone, fake musical instrument by, Lewis Sydney 1912

CryproCurrencies, Competitive, do the Govs have the weapons to kill the cryptocurrencies? If yes, how they could use them?, crypto intelligence, by Quillette Magazine

Cyber Surveillance, the study below, also reported by NYT, by a multinational group of academic experts in cybersec, explains the dangers of scam technologies. Both Apple and the EU are planning to apply this technology to detect illegal images in citizens’ cell phones. The study illustrates how not only does the technology currently fail to achieve its goals and can be circumvented, but it prepares users for pervasive control without guarantees, social intelligence,

Digital Rights, digital dignity: how can we live in dignity when technological ‘progress’ puts us at risk? Are technologies really neutral when they benefit some but marginalise others? How do we get justice when technology is used to reinforce power imbalances? How can we mobilise to resist discrimination and harms through technology and online?. The four question that make the perimeter of individual digital dignity inside which EDRi works to sensibilize the public opinion and EU institutions, social intelligence, by European Digital Rights (EDRi)

Financial Inclusion, the points of view, doubts and opportunities that cryptocurrencies offer and cause in developing countries, with authoritarian regimes and low penetration of financial services and internet: how the possible replacement or support of the current system cannot be delegated to financial frameworks managed by Big Tech, financial and social intelligence, by Bitcoin Magazine and The Appeal

Geo Intelligence, how the maps we use every day are defined by the economic interests of those who compile them and not by the geographical or descriptive reality, by NYT

Human Rights, Digital Age and the need of a new approach from institutions and organisations working on human rights. The new strategies must consider the wide range of options available and design actions that combine different initiatives in a coherent manner. This way could help clarify overarching priorities, embed measures within the local context of participating countries and identify opportunities for increasing political buy-in to these measures with target audiences. A holistic approach, which combines and embeds a focus on human rights in both the physical and digital contexts through actions implemented via different levers of power, could be taken, social intelligence, by RAND Corporation

Human Rights and Massive Surveillance, China, the point of view of a Sino dissident on the reasons why the country’s digital governance and censorship policies are winning, social intelligence, by .Coda

Offshore Finance, since the 17th century the UK in general, and the City in particular, have been the onshore and offshore financial center of the world. With the accession to the EU, the offshore component had progressively weakened as a consequence of the common European financial and tax regulations. With Brexit, the British government’s intent is to make up for lost time, especially in the offshore component, as this document by HM Treasury indicates with regard to the intentions, finance intelligence,

Virtual Reality and Domestic Abuse, a Spanish program for the rehabilitation of perpetrators of domestic abuse through the use of VR and neuro-behavioral components is giving good results: the abusers are placed, through a virtual female avatar, in the place of the victim, social intelligence, by Knowable Magazine

Web 3.0, two base and well done explanations to understand how Web 3.0 works and its functional connections with the smart-contracts (NFT, DAO, bla…bla…bla), innovation intelligence, by Coinbase Blog and ethereum


Essay 🧐

Toward the end of state-nation, geopolitics by Noēma, The Berggruen Institute

How the “digital realm” aligns with the “physical realm” and paradoxes that arise from applying classical notions of sovereignty to the digital domain, geopolitics and cyber intelligence, by Minds and Machines

Funny 🙂

…and useful for atmospheric data, for the first time in the eye of cyclone, hurricane Sam, with a sail drone

The Idiot’s Corner 😡

Goldman Sachs, not the bank of the Banana Republic but the main world investment bank, in the last 6/7 years it has distinguished itself regarding cryptocurrencies by changing its mind every other day. The last two episodes of opposite sign in 2020, against the asset, and a few months ago, pro assetwaiting the next

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