Innovation Intelligence Review #9

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Short weekly review to facilitate deepening about innovative medium-term themes and scenarios in the social-tech fields

AI and knowledge, once more as today we are at the pioneering phase with regard to AI, a phase that, as has happened at other times in history and for many sciences, it is not possible to understand ‘why’. This does not mean that the current phase is useless, knowledge intelligence by Quanta Magazine

Banknotes (speaking about CBDCs), because there are no billions of banknotes in circulation, physically and as a countervalue, and because individuals and businesses cannot do without them, financial intelligence by The Economist

CBDCs, cross border payments endemically suffer from structural inefficiency by the intermediaries of the traditional financial market. The developing countries, due to remittances, are the ones that suffer the most from the effects in terms of costs and time of inefficiency. In this study, BIS analyzes the benefits that the introduction of CBDCs would bring to the current situation, social intelligence,

Climatic Scenario Tool, interactive scenarios world map about the effects of different climatic events for 1.5/2/2.5/3° C of temperature increases, climatic intelligence by Probable Future

CryptoEconomy 1, history to understand: the ten relevant papers in crypto since 1979 to now, crypto intelligence by Forbes

CryptoEconomy 2, Ethereum, how it works, comparisons, limits, developments, corrections and success predictions of the model in the development of Web 3.0 in the Packy McCormick’s analysis, crypto intelligence,

Fintech 1, the impact of fintech on the financial lives of Americans, especially after the past year and a half: the survey analyzes vertical and horizontal factors of employment in a market with a high bankability index of the players and, surprisingly, the baby boomers are those who have doubled the use of new technologies, financial intelligence by Plaid

Fintech 2, Nigeria, with only the 46% of adult population with a bank account fintech is booming in the country with 207 millions of people. Not only in the payment sector Nigeria can be see as the precursor of the way how the financial inclusion could approach the whole Africa, financial intelligence by Rest of World

OSINT, Open Source INTelligence is becoming the people’s intelligence tool. The tending to zero cost of information combined with its widespread availability allows everyone to verify the statements of the institutions which, for this reason, are forced to levels of transparency that were unimaginable until a few years ago, social intelligence by The Economist

Sociology and generations, for decades generations have been labeled based on factors which, thanks to the current availability of data, are proving to be insufficient and fake. Current labeling is only useful for marketing and it is useful to be wary of it, social intelligence by The Atlantic

Essay 🧐

Since 1961 IBNS (International Bank Note Society), in addition to being the historical point of reference for issued banknotes, awards the most beautiful banknote every year: this year the award went to Mexico. We hope that with the advent of CBDCs they can continue to do their job

Funny 🙂

Emoji have different meanings in different places because different are the cultural and social gesture historical tails: make attention, by Rest of World

Idiot’s Corner 😡

Apple launched a polishing cloth on the market at a cost of $ 19 (start at 25): no words are needed.


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