What are the insights?

points out that an insight is a statement based on a deep understanding of your target consumers attitudes and beliefs, which connect at an emotional level with your consumer, provoking a clear response (This brand understands me! That is exactly how I feel! — even if they’ve never thought about it quite like that) which, when leveraged, has the power to change consumer behavior. Insights must effect a change in consumer behavior that benefits your brand, leading to the achievement of the marketing objective.

Insights can be based on:

  1. Real or perceived weakness to be exploited in competitive product performance or value
  2. Attitudinal or perceived barrier in the minds of consumers, regarding your brand
  3. Untapped or compelling belief or practice

Insights are most effective when they are/do one of the following:

  1. Unexpected
  2. Create a disequilibrium
  3. Change momentum
  4. Exploited via a benefit or point of difference that your brand can deliver

information extracted from: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Insight#Marketing

It is important to always question why is emerging user needs, whether they are primary or secondary, which are the real motivations that trigger in the user the need to consume the product or service, to reveal these motivations is necessary to study the user and learn how to interpret what he is telling us to extract what he is not telling us (insights)

* “I do not like milk” — insight: I only drink milk with cereal or coffee.

* “I try to eat healthy” — insight: I only consume one fruit per day.

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