KCL Tech Successfully Hosted HackCortona 2016

HackCortona 2016

HackCortona 2016 was the first student-led, 24 hour-long hackathon hosted by KCL Technology Society (KCL Tech), in partnership with Cortona Mix Festival in Cortona, Italy. The hackathon brought students across Italy together to build, learn and share. It was sponsored by Banca Popolare di Cortona, UnoInformatica, King’s College London, Clouditalia, Pusher, Udoo, HackerEarth and many more. Food, drinks and snacks were provided by the generous Menchetti and Amica Chips. The hackathon was hosted in the historical Centro Convegni S.Agostino, a convention center welcoming more than one hundred people.

Approximately 70% of the attendees were attending their first hackathon, building projects that had never been seen at other hackathons. Other activities included panel discussions, Ruby and iOS workshops and Code in the Dark¹. HackCortona 2016 was covered by Italian National TV² and a national newspaper³.

KCL Tech’s objective was to host a hackathon in Italy, where the technology scene is not as developed as in London. KCL Tech also aimed to encourage students to attend hackathons, to make connections and to learn from each other, while building amazing products. According to the attendee responses, KCL Tech had successfully achieved these objectives. Additionally, attendees had built incredible projects as well as new friendships during the event. Many of them were also interested to join KCL Tech’s future hackathons in London, UK.

Based on the feedback that was given by attendees, KCL Tech is delighted to be running HackCortona again in the upcoming year.

Learn more about events hosted by KCL Tech: kcl.tech/gallery.html


Alex Telek, President of KCL Tech 

Alicia Beylan, Vice President of KCL Tech 

1. Code in the Dark: Mini-event where attendees use only HTML/CSS to replicate an existing website in 20 minutes, without previewing.
2. https://twitter.com/hackcortona/status/762224042850017280
3. http://www.officinedellacultura.org/mix-finale-col-botto-dei-jethro-tull-cortona-invasa-bilancio-ancora-ok/