Product Update: NoteLedge Delivers New Features that Enable Users to Stay Organized and Overcome Information Overload

NoteLedge is a resourceful note taking app. The all-encompassing design keeps business and creative professionals, educators, and students organized with a workspace for building knowledge, connecting thoughts, and tracing references quickly. In addition to essential note taking tools, NoteLedge offers a creative toolkit allowing users to visualize their ideas while remaining organized. Improved with new and updated features NoteLedge is prepared to help users collect information, organize it to connect ideas and build shareable knowledge. The new media folders, split view web browser/clipper, PDF annotations, and enhanced Apple Pencil integration just add to this app’s already amazing capabilities.

Collect and Organize with Ease: Split Screen Web Clipper & Media Folders

The new split screen allows you to simultaneously search and clip the web, while editing your notes. With this iPad friendly alternative to Evernote Web Clipper, you can comfortably collect information from different sources, organize, and trace web references quickly. Start a collection of your favorite TED Talks and YouTube videos and add your thoughts. No worries about missing the source, NoteLedge keeps the reference links for you in the Media Folder. Just long-press the content in the folder and the web-source will be traced immediately.

Designers who get inspired by everything will find this feature especially useful. They can clip prefered colors, patterns, layouts and designs and see how they will look together. It also comes in handy for drafting designs, planning outfits, or making a fashion journal.

By Popular Demand: PDF Annotations and References

PDF annotation was the most requested feature in our user surveys. This is our first launch of the PDF feature and we offer much more than the typical PDF annotator. With the new NoteLedge update you can highlight and annotate any PDF document, manage annotations and link to related notes. Organize key facts you pull from PDFs and continue editing your notes. Trace references and view source documents quickly by long pressing on the material.

Students and scientist who need to read lots of PDFs will now be able to highlight from multiple PDF documents, link the annotations and connect ideas. Teachers preparing course materials can easily connect, organize and summarize key facts from e-books, research papers, and journals. Reference sources are stored securely in NoteLedge making retrieval practically effortless.

Note with Precision

The most recent version of NoteLedge has enhanced Apple Pencil integration to optimize brush preset patterns and opacity. NoteLedge also supports Adonit Pixel, Wacom Bamboo Sketch & Bamboo Fineline, and Pogo Connect 2.

What Makes NoteLedge Different?

  • Everything can be done in one app!
  • Collect information from multiple sources without ever leaving the app.
  • Organize inserted materials in the Media folders and trace sources instantly.
  • Flexible interface with professional and creative tools.
  • Designed to make information easily shareable.
  • Present works directly from the app.

NoteLedge is an Ideal Tool for:

  • business professionals who want to facilitate communication with visual aids and mind maps
  • creatives who want to create digital portfolios or present their works on the go
  • artists and designers who want to collect information, sketch ideas, and get inspired
  • teachers who want to create course materials or document students’ learning journey
  • students who want to take more effective notes in class, write reports, and make cheat sheets

Awards & Recognition:

  • Featured as “Perfect with Apple Pencil”, “Amazing Apps for iPad Pro”, and “Easy Note-taking” on the App Store
  • Designated app for iPad program at Monbulk College, Australia and Special Education School in Tokushima, Japan

iTunes Reviews & User Story Testimonials

“I think Noteledge is a great tool for artists because, as well as using it as a tool for our own creative process, we can export the notes as single images or PDF’s to share on our blogs and social media as well as in newsletters we send to collectors, galleries and so on — so it becomes a mini-publishing tool.” — Cherry Jeffs, Digital Nomad Graphic Designer and Mixed Media Artist

“NoteLedge is my constant companion for capturing ideas for decorating and writing … [it] has allowed me the freedom to be more of a fearless writer.” — Errica Jones, Educator and Author

This multifaceted app is incredibly useful for my study… It offers many practical functions which are way beyond what traditional note-taking can ever offer.” — Meng Chen Tsai, Medical Student

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