SNEAK PEEK: Audio Comes to Animation Desk

Animation Desk has made a lot of recent strides in enabling creative minds to flesh out their ideas with animation on their mobile devices. In the last year, we’ve added more layers, screen recording, an animatic storyboard, optimized for iOS 11, and more. We are happy to announce an audio feature will soon be part of this. Starting with iOS and followed shortly thereafter by Android and Windows. Check out the sneak peek below.


You can now add music and sounds to make your stories more attractive without switching between apps. Starting out from something basic and practical. You will be able to insert sound tracks and adjust the fade in and fade out. You can do complex video cutting or voice over in a video editing app.

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Animation Desk Add Music 01

Select audio from your device to be added to your animation.

Animation Desk Add Music 02

Adjust the fade-in and fade-out effect to intensify your story.

Animation Desk Add Music 03

Lastly, before exporting the video choose your desired aspect ratio.

Animation Desk Add Music 04


More new features will be available in the next updates along with the audio editor. Stay tuned and watch the updates closely.

Want to suggest some new features? Leave us a comment below telling us what you’d like to see added to Animation Desk next.

Originally published at Kdan Mobile Blog.

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