Workplace Mobility | Chris & Joey Month 2

Kdan Moble
Nov 9, 2018 · 2 min read

Heading into our 2nd month in Taiwan, Joey and I have really been able to embrace Kdan’s mission: build a Mobile Workplace for a better future. As our roles in the company become more established, we have been given business opportunities that allow us to travel around Asia. This month, Joey and I traveled across the island to visit the Kdan office in Taipei and take a day trip to Hong Kong while getting as much work done as when we’re in our usual office. We learned firsthand how important it is to have workplace mobility.

Workplace Mobility

Expansion into Taipei

Kdan Mobile has had rapid growth over the past couple years. With all of the new investments and employees joining the Kdan Team, our company decided to spread and establish offices in various cities. One of these offices includes a new workspace in the capital city of Taiwan: Taipei. While in Taipei, we were able to highlight the expansion of the new office and how this creates new opportunities for our company.

The other great opportunity that we had when coming to Taipei was to meet with students from Shih Chien University that are working as interns. This trip let us connect with the students and work with them on creating a new project.


Day Trip to Hong Kong

Since this is our first time in Asia, we are trying to experience as much as possible. Luckily Taiwan is in the perfect place because we have easy access to travel to any other country in the region. With this, Joey and I decided to try something new and take a quick day-trip to Hong Kong. It’s crazy to think that you can fly to another country, sightsee in a major city, have a great meal, then fly home all in the same day!

By having the opportunity to work wherever you are (& not having to be in one specific office) it creates the opportunity to travel to new places and do new things. You are able to balance your work as well as the fun trips and events that you have going on in your life without having to dedicate specific time to either. By seamlessly balancing both aspects of your life, you’d be amazed as to how much you can do in just one day!

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