Write-on Video Update: Introducing Video Outlines, Pods & Powerful Editing Tools

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Mar 2 · 3 min read

Write-on Video: New Video Outlines to Help You Become a Professional

We are very excited to announce we’ll be launching the latest and greatest version of Write-on Video to-date in March! Want to know what’s coming? Spoiler alert — you’ll want to! — Especially if you want to transform from video rookie to professional YouTuber that makes an impact through video. There are so many cool new features that we are eager to share with you in a sneak peek, behind-the-scenes look at the new-and-improved Write-on Video.

What’s New in Write-on Video?

Any professional YouTuber will tell you that planning ahead is crucial to a quicker and smoother video production process. That’s why Write-on Video is introducing popular templates to help you get started! Creating tutorials, product reviews, or unboxing videos just got a whole lot easier with the new video outlines feature. Write-on Video is also introducing the ability for users to customize their own templates to be reused for later videos. This saves you time and energy and lets you focus on the production process, rather than constantly starting over again.

Pods, Pods, Everywhere

You can think of the term, “pods,” as the smallest unit for arranging your video storyline, where you can fill in the script and upload materials. They’re great for turning individual scenes into coherent, smooth sequences.

The use of pods speeds up the video production process so you can dissect your video scene by scene. Pods are pivotal to creative teams, as they can be added, copied, deleted, moved, or customized with ease. Wanna see for yourself? Check out our guide below!

WO Pod
WO Pod

Your Editing Tools, All in One Place

The latest Write-on Video update gives you access to a variety of powerful editing tools that, when combined with a strong organization process, will have your videos looking professional in no time! Features such as the all-new voice-to-text caption generator, as well as enhanced favorites like speed control, animated titles, transitions, filters, and customized stickers, will be available on the new sleek and stylish interface.

WO auto caption
WO auto caption

What Will the New Update Do for You?

Now that you know what is coming in March, where will we see you and your new videos? Will you be the next big YouTube sensation or brand influencer? With a structured and organized outline process, pods that help you link together a greater story, and a multitude of other editing tools, you will be off to a good start! Whether you’re a beginner who needs some practice, or an expert who wants to explore our new features, be the first one to beta test the new Write-on Video!

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