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Keegan Sard
Dec 20, 2016 · 2 min read

Challenger of the status-quo, builder, and lover of the hustle!

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I have held the view that things can always be done better, cheaper, and faster and that companies that fail to beat themselves end up losing. In the end the dinosaurs always die.

Solving complicated problems has been a constant in my life and that is why at an early age I found myself consulting to companies both large and small.

This means that I collaborate with teams to ask (a lot of) questions, define new (and sometimes innovative) approaches and execute on solutions comprising strategy, ops, tech, and UX.

In 2014, the challenge really begun with the largest pivot of my life establishing Keegan Ventures. As a digital nomad, I’ve been fortunate enough to work with some truely inspiring people traveling to amazing places from Singapore to China, London to Paris and all throughout Australia and the United States.

I’ve been invited to speak about tech, SaaS, culture and film on podcasts (Agencies Drinking Beer), webinars (TalkDesk), blogs (Beastgrip), and had a startup (Friday Beers) featured to a national audience (including The Huffington Post, The Australian, Australian Financial Review, Startup Daily, Startup Smart, and Shark Tank Australia).

In my free time, I enjoy reading about emerging tech (see my list of resources), listening to podcasts, traveling and experiencing new and exciting adventures with my partner.

I’m on Twitter and always love hearing about new projects or cool startup stories at keegan@keeganventures.com.

Keegan Ventures

I help ambitious entrepreneurs and small business owners…

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