About Keegan Ventures

I help start, develop, and grow startups and companies.

I’m Keegan Sard and here’s where you can learn more about me and my company, Keegan Ventures.

What I Do


By working with you to define your objectives and desired outcomes, I will be able to develop a framework to guide you and provide a constant reference point. To do this I invest time upfront. I gain a complete understanding of your financial and non-financial motivations, hopes and fears. From here I develop strategies that steer your desired journey with an equal mix of determination and careful consideration.

However, success can only be evaluated if it is measured and monitored. With a roadmap in place, I check in regularly, continuously monitor progress and make the necessary adjustments to ensure your long-term goals are achieved.

Advisory & Consulting

From early stage startups to companies, I seek to understand what drives you & your business to provide real value. Large global players like Uber, BHP Billiton, and Virgin Australia to agile startups trying to scale a product at a moments notice.


I look for game changing ideas by passionate entrepreneurs who are building disruptive, market-transforming companies, across all verticals. I then work with them to determine what they need to reach the next level be it advice, support, consulting, and or investment.

Venture Capital

From the pitch deck to building the story around your startup, I give founders the tools necessary to meet the right VCs and, more importantly, close the round.

Property Development

Working with developers across the Middle East and Europe, I leverage my network of financiers, HNWI individuals, and professional investment funds to find the capital you require for your project.

Digital Assets

I have a track record of working with digital assets. Whether you are buying, selling, or holding I work with you to determine a strategy that will see incomparable returns.