Case Study: Atomi Education

Keegan helped Atomi grow their enterprise sales and start their London operation.

Source: Atomi


Education is arguably one of the hardest industry verticals to disrupt. There are a lot of decision-makers, they are resistant to change, and have extremely tight budgets.

Schools want to innovate but they have to do so in a structured and measured way bringing all parties along the journey with the assistance of internal change champions.


The solution was clear we have to act as partners to engage, excite and show real value.

We took a hands-on approach. We were available 24/7, would provide training and support, and met face to face to ensure all questions were answered and that everyone had a chance to have their say.


We successfully saw schools across Australia and the UK put their faith in Atomi growing our school partnerships by 136%. This result ensures that all schools (across the public, private, and religious sector) can get access Atomi videos so every child, no matter of financial means, could thrive and get the marks they desired to start their adult lives.

Atomi is the future of education and I was so glad to play a small part with them.