Case Study: Friday Beers

Keegan Sard
Dec 21, 2016 · 2 min read

Keegan helped build Friday Beers from an idea on paper to a beer loving startup machine that solved a problem and was recognised in the media.

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Source: Friday Beers


Early on in our quest to work more with disruptive thinkers, dreamers, and entrepreneurs we received feedback that we had plenty of corporate experience but not so much within the startup ecosystem.

We wanted a way to highlight our consulting knowledge so we went to work looking for an idea that could solve a problem in the market as well as scale quickly.


Our solution was a started called Friday Beers. A subscription service of amazing craft beers direct to your desk each and every Friday with no lock-in contracts or hidden fees.

A two man operation then quickly became a small team of people over multiple cities working across technology, sales, marketing and media, operations, compliance and legal, and strategic partnerships.


We successfully built a startup from the humble beginnings on a piece of paper to taking orders and delivering beers.

The response to date has been fantastic with local, state and international exposure (including The Huffington Post, The Australian, and Shark Tank Australia).

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If this case study has made you thirsty we can fix that here. Use my code “keeganiscool” for extra love and attention.

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