Start the Engines

Hey, you there…


The answer is 42 and we are on our way to learn what is the question. Now, we have been secretly working in our labs and finally — mice testing has paid off — we have some news for you.

We are going to be able to retrieve your memory back! Relax, no brain surgery needed — just few clicks to connect the right apps and you are done. Think Facebook posts, Twitter posts, Dropbox files, Evernotes, calendars, meetings, your mother-in-law’s birthday… you name it, we find it.

“I find your lack of pants disturbing” — photo on flickr

But WHY?

Because you can plan to accidentally miss that birthday party, isn’t that a good enough reason?! Also, you can easily navigate through the tons of apps, files and projects you deal with every day.

Plus — when was the last time you spoke with your friends who spent 3 days in the mountains with you? Oh, you had forgotten? There was no particular occasion to contact them? Right… Well, let’s do something about it!

Let’s get social is launching soon and our first stop is to remind you of your social memories you had forgotten and help you reconnect with the people involved. Link your Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, Twitter and other social profiles and will randomly rewind you your posts. All you need to do is enjoy the show.

Do you want some coffee before your visit at Jabbas? — photo on flickr

Then — search

Find all your personal stuff fast, because losing hours to look for things is just not an option.

Finally, we will make it super easy for you

No, we won’t do your job for you. We will just let you manage your stuff directly from the search result page. Move, share, edit, comment — reduce your clicks, tabs and windows to a minimum.

And now — tell all your friends and let’s start the engines! We are going to have a little ride!

With a smile,
- Eva

P.S. If you wonder about the keekie name — it comes from keek, which is a synonym of peek. And keekie sounds cheeky, too. It makes no sense, I know.

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