Long time no see! We’re ready to present our new release with a zillion of improvements and three new blendshape nodes for Nuke: JoinBlendshapes, MixBlendshapes, and FACS.

New Blendshape Nodes

So, the most important part of this release is the three new nodes for Nuke, and what it basically means is that we reinforced Nuke with blendshapes. Now, you can create a new geometry out of objects with similar topology and then animate it, without switching to another software. You can also join animated geometries and mix them with different ratios. You can pass geometry with blendshapes to GeoTracker, track…

To speed up the tracking process in GeoTracker and FaceTracker nodes for Nuke, we made it possible to pre-analyse shots in a dedicated process. And with the 2021.3 update, it’s become easier to do this in the background using Python, for example running this process on servers in headless Nuke.

How it works

The setup process is simple and similar to executing your scripts in headless Nuke on render farms. This is how it might look in your Python script:

nuke.execute(kt_node, frame_from, frame_to)


kt_node — KeenTools node that needs pre-analysis (GeoTracker or FaceTracker);
frame_from— The starting frame;
frame_to — The ending frame.

We made the first step in raising our products to the new level of smartness with AI.

Precisely, we added face auto-alignment to FaceBuilder and FaceTracker. When you press the ‘Align Face’ button, a couple of neural networks will find a face on the photo and set up all required pins to match the position, shape, and expression. The results are not always 100% accurate at the moment, so it might require some manual adjustments, but it radically reduces the time of shaping the models. …

Today we release a major 2.1.0 upgrade to all our plugins. FaceBuilder got an automatic camera set up in Blender and multiple camera support in Nuke, the texture extraction was significantly improved, and Nuke 12.2 is now supported!

For the last months we’ve been into the FaceBuilder development to make it even easier to use in Blender. Until recently, you needed photos shot with a single camera and same settings which you later had to set up in FaceBuilder manually.

Happily that’s not the case anymore: all you need now is to load your photos and start modelling! FaceBuilder…

Hi everyone! It’s a very special day for our team. We’re excited to present to you the new and shiny KeenTools 2.0.0 version! But before we dive into the details, mind having a quick history recap?

As many of you have known, KeenTools started in 2017 with GeoTracker plugin for Foundry Nuke, providing simple and effective object tracking. We focused on one specific task and made it as good as we could at that time, and the community loved it. Same ideas evolved into the following KeenTools products for Nuke, such as FaceBuilder and FaceTracker plugins, which allow you…

Last update: ver. 2021.2

FaceBuilder​ is an add-on for Blender for 3D-modelling of human faces and heads based on photos. With FaceBuilder you don’t need to be an experienced 3D modeler to create a quality 3D model with clean topology. You start with getting a few photos of a person from different angles of view and then place a model on each of them to build a head or a face model. The 3D models can be later used for sculpting, animation, tracking or anything else in Blender or exported into a file and imported into any other 3D software.

Last update: ver. 2021.3

GeoTracker is a plugin node for Foundry Nuke that can be used for tracking rigid and deformable 3D models without the usual hassle associated with the tracking job. It makes the tracking process so easy that what usually has been done by a team of tracking specialists, now could be done by one of them in minutes. More than that, with GeoTracker you reduce the pipeline complexity allowing compositing artists to complete this work instead of delegating it to a tracking department. …

Hi everyone! We’re happy to tell you that our FaceTracker node is getting rid of the Release Candidate badge today! It means that at this point we think it’s a stable and reliable production-ready tool, which doesn’t mean the development process stops here of course!

So, what is FaceTracker? It’s a plugin node for Foundry Nuke that can help you with facial tracking without mocap rigs and markers. The tracking information can be later used for face replacement, retouching, adding scars, ageing and de-ageing, exporting into any other 3D software, etc — what you get is basically an animated…

In our latest 1.5.0 release we added a number of new UVs in FaceBuilder node. Also we added some basic support for custom UVs. Below you can find out how it works.

Our users asked us to change the UV in FaceBuilder because they experienced some difficulties using it in their compositing work, so we decided to add a number of new UVs and keep the old one for compatibility reasons.

First thing first, here’s how to select a UV in FaceBuilder:

Hi everyone!
Today is a big day for us: after a year and a half in beta FaceTracker release candidate is out!

It was a long way during which we tried a bunch of different approaches looking for the balance between preciseness and performance, and at this point, we think FaceTracker has finally materialised as a mature production-ready tool. Here we’d like to thank you, our dear community that provided us so much valuable feedback while we were working on FaceTracker!

Now, before you dive into face tracking tasks, you need to know one important thing. We have changed and…


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