Doctors Speak to Claims About Gender-Confirming Care

Two of the many speakers at Genderevolution 2022: My Gender Journey were medical doctors who spoke to claims about gender-confirming care. Their panel, “Addressing Misinformation about Gender-Affirming Care,” was part of an event that saw many speakers Nov. 18–19 at Westminster College in Salt Lake City, Utah. The panelists addressing misinformation were obstetrician-gynecologist Rixt Luikenaar; Nikki Mihalopoulos, chief of the University of Utah’s division of adolescent medicine; and Colleen Kuhn, owner of One Haven, which provides psychological services for…



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Alysha V. Scarlett

Aly's won 13 writing awards. Formerly: B/R, Screen Rant, & Patch. Author, “Re-finding Yourself in the Age of Trump.” A “big-city cousin.” --a rural, rival paper