Many Folks Rely on Dr. Alexander Sinclair for Gender-Affirming Care. His Office Assistant Wants to Leave Him. And I Had to Deal With 12 Problems in 8.5 Months With His Office.


Receiving gender-affirming care didn’t work out for me three times in just 10 months. Thus, I went all-in for all surgeries with Dr. Alexander Sinclair, who works in Los Angeles County. I knew he had much faster turnarounds than other surgeons in doing procedures. In doing that, I went under his knife twice and as part of three planned surgeries with him.

Sinclair’s office assistant at least as of May 8 was Anita Gonzalez. Gonzalez told me that because of stressors, she wants to leave Sinclair. (She specifically mentioned working long hours.) It seems probable that there is turmoil between Sinclair and Gonzalez since her goal spilled out publicly to at least one patient.

As for me, I had to deal with 12 problems in eight-and-a-half months with his office.

Sinclair’s tech Radika told me the morning of the would-be third surgery day that she tried to help me understand what it’s like to be a patient with Sinclair and Gonzalez. I wish I had gotten her signal. (It’s not her fault in the slightest.)

Below are details about those 12 problems.

Dr. Alexander Sinclair (photo credit: Dr. Alexander Sinclair)



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