How Alma Frances Pellett Used an Old Testament Tradition for a Year to Realize She Is a Woman


Meet a lesbian, believing, polyamorist, churchgoing, nudist Latter-day Saint.

The “biggest change” Alma Frances Pellett experienced as a result of transitioning?

It had nothing to do with her body.

Rather, it was “my outlook on myself and how I fit into the world,” she said. “It’s like suddenly finding a zipper to get out of the ill-fitting suit you’d just resigned yourself to being ‘the way it is.’”

Alma Frances Pellett (photo credit: Alma Frances Pellett)

Alma felt that way after using a tradition found in the Old Testament to try to figure how being transgender fits into God’s plan. She had asked, “Why give people this affliction that has a known route to be better?”

For a year, Alma practiced this tradition, involving prayer, fasting, scripture study and temple worship. She religiously did “everything I could to understand myself and how I fit better,” she said. As Alma, a proud member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, put it, she was “wrestling with God.”

“I had to understand. I had to know,” she said. “Was it really possible for us to have bodies that didn’t match our gender? Was it possible to have relationships not in the patriarchal…



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