5 Productivity Apps Hyped Up Right Now

Francesco D'Alessio
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2 min readAug 24, 2022


Since the influx of Notion, productivity tools have been long hyped up and popularised — with new trends every single year to enhance the way you work or organize your life.

We’ve shortlisted 5 of the most talked about productivity apps right now and ones we’ve discovered more recently to explore the new flourishing in the market in the last few months.

1. Moot

A real-time multiplayer collaborative experience for teams, Moot is currently under a “book demo” rollout — focused on team productivity — but with helpful personal productivity management.

Moot reminds me of if Basecamp and Miro had a baby…

2. Reflect 2

An all-new networked thought application that bridges that gap between Obsidian and traditional productivity apps. Reflect embeds calendar, notes and tasks — with daily notes and a brain system for mapping thought.

3. Glasp

The world of clipping is becoming more and more popular and Glasp creates a social network like experience round that allowing you to share your learnings and grow your own note library.

4. Raycast

Finding things on your devices can be hard, Raycast wants to solve that — now Raycast has been out for a little bit of time, but only discovered by myself last week as it takes on universal search like Command E (bought by Dropbox)

5. Logseq

Similar to Reflect, Logseq continues to evolve with their Obsidian competitor — now introducing Logseq Sync, coming soon for those looking to connect their Logseq to the online realm, for better saving.

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Francesco D'Alessio
Keep Productive

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