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An Essential Guide to Todoist

Getting Started with Todoist’s basic features

Todoist is one of the leading to-do list applications on the market. A resource that many millions of people use on a daily basis to get things done, planning family events, work activities and even more intense projects.

There are many reasons to why I believe Todoist provides the most superior experience for newbie and advanced to-do list users. But in this feature I wanted to run over the most important features inside of Todoist, the core features, those advanced ones and then a few of the items on most Todoist users wish list for future updates.

This should give you a comprehensive list of notable things Todoist can offer you as you get started! Let’s explore the Todoist platform.


Note: Premium features included.

  • Projects — One of the pillars of Todoist is projects. They are easy to set-up and provide you with a left-hand column to organise your tasks based on a theme/project/area and more.
  • Smart Language — Adding tasks into Todoist is easy, but with smart language it is a leap easier than many other applications. Adding a task using the intelligent input makes things smoother, for sure!
  • Labels — A way to connect other tasks together from different projects, labels provide a tagging ability to each task (premium only feature). Perfect for tagging task with time, energy level and more context points.
  • Color coded — Colour is expressed in all areas inside of Todoist. Worth setting this up, with projects, labels, filters and priority levels to bring life to your Todoist account.
  • Comments — One of my personal favourites. Comments open up a lot of things. Conversations with others or notes for yourself. This provides a lot of time saving moments if you add more detail to each note.
  • Karma points — A real bonus for newbies, you can create a base of statistics using your Todoist account based on the effort you put into completing tasks. A great way to get motivated for beginners!


  • Email & Calendar — Definitely worth your attention. Hooking your Email + Calendar to Todoist is a great way to go deeper. Connecting
  • Integrations — Connect to popular applications like Pomodone, Timely + Trello (and lots more). This ability to connect helps you create workflows, habits that suit you across your work day!
  • Cross-platform — The real advanced bonus to Todoist is that it’s on most devices. Windows, Android Tablets, iPads, everything! This is great for if you decided to skip between devices, Todoist is waiting for you there!
  • Formatting — This level of detail helps to fine tune the speed at which you add tasks to Todoist and also the styling abilities of Todoist. Makes Todoist look great at a glance!


Now there are some elements of Todoist that I’d like to see adapted or even developed further. Naturally Todoist are always expanding their efforts and growing rapidly, so these are bonus experiences that would be nice to have!

  • Layout/Views—Having a host of views to view your tasks and activities would be stellar. The expanse of seeing tasks as a Kanban view would be amazing, and even as a 2-column view, adding to the experience.
The new Todoist font demo’d
  • A new Mobile font — They’ve recently updated font on the Mac/Windows App but not the mobile applications. Would love for this to extend to iOS/Android, despite the limitations of the platforms.
Property of ThingsApp (3)
  • Gestures — Like Things 3, I’d like to see more done with the gestures of Todoist. Things 3 brings exciting use of iOS drag and drop and also the abilities of adding tasks to inbox.

The are only critical experiences that I’ve noted over the last 6 months.

What are your core and advanced Todoist features?!

There’s plenty more and we’d love to hear from you in the comments! Share them below!

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