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Supernotes 2: A First Look

New mobile versions extend Supernotes notes experience

The Supernotes team today have announced their 2nd version of Supernotes — with not only an Android and iOS edition but with some much requested features added to the line-up, let’s explore.

Coming in the New Year — the upgrade will be free.

1. 👁 Views Engine

New note views for your notecards — “Broadcast” and “Graph” are the new additions, meaning you can see notes side-by-side or visualise how they link together with the graph view.

2. 👨🏻‍💻 Super Editor

Apparently the Supernotes editor isn’t super enough, so they’ve completely rebuilt this editor to make markdown faster and more accessible.

3. 📑 Daily Collection

The today collection now supports “daily journaling” allowing note creators to journal inside of Supernotes, and see them alongside learnings in notecards.

🤔 New to Supernotes?

📱 Early Access Mobile Apps

Not everyone gets these new mobile Supernotes apps for iOS and Android. Longtime subscribers in Lifetime or Unlimited get access for supporting — and you can find an invitation by signing in. Coming soon for all users.

💰 New Pricing

Lifetime is going, however, existing life-timers will get a badge to flag their support in forum profiles.

Aside from that, the new pricing reflects Unlimited, the upgrade for Supernotes — giving you access to all the following.

🎯 This is a short summary of the new features, if you’re new to Supernotes, check out our videos below!



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