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Why is very exciting!

A modernised take on the Gannt chart is making waves! has a whole host of features.

Let’s focus in on three of them.

The Gantt Chart

Timeline View

Skip forward. No pun intended.


What do Clients say about Monday?

Hearing some of the client stories of, you do hear a very different perspective. The new format of working has helped many to accomplish team coordination, that many never achieved before.

  • Making all communication archivable and searchable.
  • Allowing our organization to function as flat as possible, and remove unnecessary middle management (the source of most organizations’ drama)
  • Allowing me to pulsify (our own word for creating pulses) operational processes otherwise hidden in a Dropbox folder or locked in someone’s head makes our company succession-minded, transparent, and honest.
  • The timeline view is a living, breathing Gantt chart. It provides the real-time, adjustable visuals we need to know who’s working on what, and when it’s due.
  • Maybe most significant of all: transformed how we enforce quality control across our global 30+ company supply chain. We bake QC into the process itself. We invite our vendors to the Shared Boards, we interact, they post photos & videos, we replace email almost entirely. The odds we receive any erroneously manufactured components has been tremendously reduced.

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