Why Notion is the App to Watch in 2018

How This Flexible App Has the Potential to Dominate The Year

Francesco D'Alessio
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4 min readDec 14, 2017


2018 is almost here.

With our reliance of apps, software, and tools in our workday, we need to keep an eye on those resources that provide an outstanding experience and help us boost our productivity.

Naturally, we don’t want to switch over every 5-minutes, but keeping a keen eye on what’s coming next is a great way to keep ahead of the game.

Over the last year, I’ve spent a lot of my time reviewing productivity apps (ironic right?!).Filtering through a range of tools from time tracking tools to project management softwares and everything in between, there seemed to be a common dominator.

The apps and tools of 2017 have had to become more competitive with their features, customisation abilities, customer support and range of scenarios.

The common dominator being flexibility.

With the productivity sector growing year on year, things are heating up! With this, predictions are becoming harder to make more resources become increasingly threatening overnight, with successful individuals/influencers adopting them and becoming advocates, swaying the decision of the many.

As we tend to know, predictions help us spot those resources standing out and making a difference in people’s every day routines.

One of the resources I’ve discovered I believe to be a real contender for the 2018 best productivity app, today I wanted to talk more into why I think Notion will be the app to watch in 2018.

What is Notion?

Notion is a project management tool for teams or individuals looking to create their own workspace to get things done. The three core features include:

  • Wikis
  • Documents
  • Tasks

1. Wikis

Almost like website, you can create, edit and design your own layout.

2. Documents

Begin documents and work completely offline.

3. Tasks

Create tasks on new boards or design your own to-do list process.

Notion provides you with one of the most flexible experiences I’ve ever seen.

Started as a beta project in the start of 2017, Notion intends to be the go-to resource for both teams and personal experiences as a way to organise your own projects, activities or whatever you might want to organise.

So why do I think Notion beats the pack in 2018?

It’s simple, Notion. Notion appeals to all and fills in many gaps in the system.

Whilst Notion doesn’t have a structured system like GTD or even a matrix layout for helping you to organise tasks, the layout, almost workspace helps for you to organise things in your own way becoming a haven for those with custom processes, custom layouts, custom abilities, custom wikis and more.

In summary, Notion provides:

  • Flexibility
  • Easy on-boarding
  • Range of media/tool to embed
  • Offline access

How Notion will beat the rest

With the launch of its iOS in the later half of 2017, Notion is already a step forward with it’s experience.

Firstly, I think Notion will hit the ground running with designers and creatives first, in a similar fashion to Milanote, this brings a smart, desktop experience that bring together all you need to get yourself organised in your methodology.

Secondly, I think Notion appeals to those not persuaded by current productivity tools. The negatives with many of the top productivity tools for many is the restrictive nature of features, layouts and experiences.

Notion releases this stress for many by providing an empty canvas to begin populating with easy to use functions and tools.

Will the iOS Notion app be popular?

It’s always hard to say how people will flock to these resources, but for some reason I don’t think it will be their iOS application or even their Android application, whilst this is a great discovery mechanism, the applications only provide a condense experience of what you will be getting on screens above 10-inches.

In the same way people tend to use the Trello for web version above solely organising on the iOS and Android apps, the process will come over to the Notion users of the world. Once people discover this on those devices and become active users on iPads, Desktops or laptops they begin to see the true value of the Notion experience.

How do I find more about Notion?

There is a full review of Notion over on the Keep Productive YouTube channel.

Apple mentioned Notion as their App of the Week last week.

Get 600 stacks free here. Pricing is documented below!

What are your early thoughts on Notion?!

We’d love to hear from you in the comments! Share them below!

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