3 Compelling Reasons Why Your Business Needs A Blog

Business blogging.

Sound pointless?

Does it sound like a waste of the time you could be spending elsewhere to help your business?

If you’ve thought one or both statements above, let me take a moment to explain why utilizing a blog for your business is more beneficial than it is robbing you of your time!

First, if you are unsure what a business blog should even look like, let alone why they are so beneficial, take a look at this article explaining business blogging.

Now the benefits of why your business needs a blog.

1. It is the easiest, most cost effective, way to bring people to your site.

Every time you blog you are creating yet another page connected to your website, and each page provides you with yet another chance to be found in a search engine.

Therefore driving more traffic back to your website.

Blogging also gives you content you can use to better utilize your business’s social media platforms.

When you post a blog on social media you are giving the audience something to engage with and share — which leads to even more views!

2. Consider blogging as a chance to have a conversation with a potential customer, even when you’re not around!

You unfortunately don’t have the capacity to talk to everyone in one day.

But your blog does!

When you think about your website being your voice, or “sales person” that is always on call, you can see how a blog would only add to that voice!

A business blog allows the potential customer to get a feel for the type of business they would be working with.

So make a good impression!

It is one thing to have a blog to help generate more views to your site, but having a GREAT blog will not only get you more views, but more leads and opportunities for sales!


Great blog posts will have not only great content, but will also have calls-to-action.

Free eBook downloads, free trials, or free consultations are all examples of a call-to-action you could use in a blog post to offer customers in exchange for their information.

Example: check out the eBook offer to beginners guide to Inbound Marketing at the bottom of the page!

Making them a potential lead!

3. Blogs are never a one-time offer.

They’re in it for the long haul!

Blog posts don’t only generate views the day you post it.

Once your blog is ranked in the search engines it stays there and can continue to drive traffic to your site!

It works for you without you even having to think about it!

Now, enough about you.

How can blogs help your potential customers?

Blogging is a great chance to share tips, reviews on products, how-to’s, and lessons you have learned that can potentially solve a problem for a potential customer!

So, in the end, blogging is not only a great idea to help you generate more website visits and leads, but also serves as a helpful tool for others!

Does that sort of make you a super hero, then?


Inspired to start writing, but aren’t sure where to start?

Take a look at this link for quick tips on successful blogging!

Originally published at blog.phnx21creative.agency.

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