3 Things That Will Fuel Your Inbound Marketing Services

I’ve had the privilege of working for a creative agency — The PHNX21creative Agency — going on seven months now.

As I have delved into the world of Inbound Marketing, I’ve noticed that there are three things that have proven consistent in fueling the efforts of my marketing services, and I believe can help fuel yours.

1. Stir Your Creative Juices Daily

Creativity always stems from some sort of inspiration.

If you aren’t being inspired, your creativity will fizzle out eventually.

You may be able to create — but you won’t be creating anything new.

Inbound marketing is much the same — as a form of creativity, it requires a constant flow of inspiration.

Starting my inbound marketing journey I was inspired 24/7, because everything I was learning and taking in was completely new to me.

Now that I have more of a grasp on the art of it (not that I’m not still learning), there have been days where I haven’t had the slightest clue what I should write about, make a video about, and what colors I should use when creating my social media graphics.

When I find myself in these situations, instead of shutting off or producing something I’m not proud of, I take a couple moments out of my time, and allow myself to find some inspiration.

This inspiration can come from a variety of things.

I often go to YouTube and listen to people such as Gary Vaynerchuk and the Seeking Wisdom Podcast by Drift, or I hop on Medium, type in the keyword I’m focusing on for that day, and see what other people have to say about it.

Now, hear me out.

This does not mean I go, read other people’s works, and then recreate the same post in my own words.

The aim of reading other people’s thoughts and opinions is not so I can steal a post and get out of doing my project.

No, I read other people’s thoughts and opinions because they either: cause me to see a point from another angle and thus spark my own new ideas, back up a point of view I already have and allow me to then write with more confidence and use their post as a reference, or they teach me something completely new and encourage me to research the point even further.

You see, I view marketing as a big circle.

It’s a constant learn, teach, learn, and teach.

What one person teaches you, they learned either from or because of someone else.

Those who inspire you were previously inspired by someone else.

Staying inspired is vital to ensure your ideas and content stay fresh, and to ensure that you are constantly learning.

2. Find Your Own Yoda

One thing that has been vital towards my growth as a writer, inbound marketing consultant, editor, ect. is reaching out to someone I trust for feedback on my work.

I don’t necessarily bounce everything off of someone, because I usually tackle a couple different projects a day — reaching out to someone each time would take up my time and theirs.

I reach out to someone whenever I am working on something brand new I have never tackled before, running an experiment on something I have previously worked on, or want an opinion on whether a graphic is eye catching or not.

It is important to have someone review your work because they offer fresh perspective and can highlight and point out things that you would not have seen otherwise.

Or, they can point out errors that you did not catch and were not aware of.

Feedback helps you grow and increase your strengths within your niche.

Find someone who can give you honest feedback — not just criticism or all praise.

Most often this can be a coworker because you already work in close quarters and have a similar understanding of the field you work in.

However, if you run a one man show, and are a solopreneur, find someone you trust — whether that be a friend or relative — and ask them if they would be willing to be someone you can bounce your work and ideas off of for wisdom, advice, and encouragement.

Doing things alone is hard — finding someone to encourage your talents and gifts is vital to not burning out in your area of work.

3. A Good Ole Cup Of Joe

Because, who doesn’t love a good cup of coffee?

Or tea, Spark, fruit water, or energy drink — whatever it is that gets you through the 2 p.m slump.

I’m 100% serious!

Now I’m not a doctor, I’m a marketer, so I can’t scientifically prove this, but I find I am more productive when I take a break from my task, make a cup of coffee, and then go make to my desk and start cranking out work.

Something about that hot bean water (I drink my coffee black and get made fun of) lights something off in my brain, and I feel ten times more productive.

Am I addicted?


But that’s not the point.

I’m not saying find an addiction to release some stress, but it doesn’t take a doctor to know that eating balanced meals throughout the day gives you more energy and keeps your body functioning at a faster pace — which helps you avoid sluggishness.

Maybe your cup of coffee is a banana, or a cookie, or a hamburger.

Whatever it is, don’t fry your brain by looking a computer screen or papers all day.

Find something that feeds your body and stimulates your mind so that you are energized and more productive throughout your day!

Originally published at blog.phnx21creative.agency.

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