4 Things Working For A Marketing Agency Has Taught Me

Before starting my marketing journey with The PHNX21creative Agency, my idea of marketing was bugging people until they bought into what you were selling.

Even now I would say I was not 100% off in my thinking, but my perspective has definitely changed.

Some companies take the “bug until they buy” approach, but in general the aim of a marketing agency is to educate, solve problems, and relieve pain points by placing content and information in the right places and in front of the right people.

There are a couple things I have learned since working for a marketing agency that have taught me how to make this a reality!

1. Marketing Is A Science And An Art

Marketing is nothing without strategy — this is where science comes in.

You cannot just blindly throw random content on the internet on different platforms and hope it attracts business for you.

When marketing, finding your target audience is essential.

What is your niche?

Who buys from you?

What are the similarities and trends between their pain points and their goals?

The answers to these questions take thought and investigation.

Finding similarities between your existing customers will allow you to better position and market your product or services to potential clients in the future.

As well as being strategic with where you market, and to whom you market to, you efforts must be attractive — this is where the art comes in.

Graphics you use to attract are vital in helping build awareness around your company.

This means that your logo and your brand are just as essential to creating awareness as well.

Different marketing agencies will engage and produce different forms of content depending on what their niche is and where their target audience is hanging out.

No matter which form you take, they need to be engaging and something that your potential client would deem worth their time.

Take a blog for example, if it is not written in a way that is easy to read and engaging while still being informative, you can guarantee people will not click, or they will click but not finish reading what you have to say.

If it is a video, you need to test and become comfortable with filming and which editing software or apps you will use before throwing a grainy and muffled video up on your different platforms.

Science and art work together for the best marketing efforts.

2. The World Of Marketing Is Ever Changing

Another reason science is vital to your marketing, is because the internet is ever changing.

Therefor marketing is ever changing.

Where your target audience engages most one month may not be the same place they hangout another.

New software and platforms are constantly being created, and the way they operate is also being consistently adjusted.

The research you initially conduct should really be done once a quarter, a month, and constantly monitored.

You should always be on the lookout for new mediums that you think your target audience would benefit from and enjoy utilizing.

This does not negate finding a niche, but you should always leave room for adjustments.

3. Social Media Platforms Are Not All The Same

If you are regularly posting content to your social platforms you should be publishing differently across the board.

The jargon you use on Facebook should not be the same jargon you use on Twitter.

Different people use different social platforms more than others — meaning one of your potential clients may heavily use Facebook, and another could use LinkedIn more heavily.

Know the tone of the different platforms and then post and interact on them accordingly.

4. A Fail Is Only A Fail If You Don’t Learn From It

Because marketing is ever changing and different for each niche, you can’t expect to hit a home run every time.

You can aim for a home run, but realize that the science of marketing means there is test and trial.

You may try something that just completely flops.

If this happens, don’t be discouraged and give up, change your tactics and try it again until you find your sweet spot.

If you work for a marketing agency you are constantly learning, testing, adjusting, and learning again.

Something that does not work does not mean you are a complete failure, unless you take the defeat and refuse to get up.

Take momentary failures as a chance to grow.

Originally published at blog.phnx21creative.agency.

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