5 Common Mistakes To Avoid In Your Content Marketing Efforts

Content marketing is essential to driving traffic to your site, generating leads, and achieving your goals.

Content that is not properly marketed can hinder your performance, reach, and, ultimately, sales.

Understand, you will not “knock it out of the ball park” in all their content marketing efforts.

We all have some “flops” at some point.

However, those flops, or failures, can be great learning experiences!

Recognizing those mistakes, will help you avoid making them in your own marketing efforts.

Here are five common mistakes to watch out for in your own content marketing.

1. Don’t Just Make Content To Make Content.

The ultimate goal behind content creation is producing information that is useful and beneficial for your business’s target audience.

Identifying with your target audience, their struggles, interests, and goals is essential.

Producing a mass sum of “great” content is useless unless it is getting in front of the right people.

Content attracts visitors with the purpose of converting them into leads.

If you are not attracting the right visitors, it is less likely you will generate qualified leads.

Take the time to know your target audience, and then produce content around that knowledge.

2. Teach, Don’t Sell!

You want your content to attract leads, not drive them away.

When writing, keep your content focused on educating the reader in an area they are interested or need help in.

Let your goal be to inform your readers on how to solve their problems and who they can turn to for help.

If your readers find your content valuable and beneficial, you can entice them to engage further with your call-to-action, thus capturing them as a lead that you can then nurture further into the buying process.

But at first, keep the sales pitch in your back pocket.

Focus on helping solve the readers problems, and then point them in the right direction.

3. Don’t Follow Rabbit Trails.

Your content should have a clear and concise direction in which it is going.

What is your main point?

What are you trying to inform your readers about?

The intention behind your content should not be a mystery to your readers.

If you have multiple side points, try writing a separate article or offer, and then link it in with your original post.

Then, if the reader is interested in the extra information they can then follow the link to it.

4. Engage Socially!

You want your content to be found, right?!

Keeping all your content stuck to your web page will not give you the best reach.

If you have not already dipped your toes in the water of the social media world, start now!

Engage socially on platforms on which your target audience are engaging on.

Knowing which hashtags to use on which sites will help increase your reach in your circle of influence.

It’s called marketing for a reason, right?

So market!

Study which platforms generate the most traffic in for your area of business, and then create and share content that fits.

5. Don’t Become Monotonous And Boring.

When it comes to content marketing you want to be consistent, but that does not mean be boring.

Try a couple different forms of content — blogs, videos, podcasts for starters.

Being versatile will increase your engagment.

You want your brand to be unique and attractive.

So don’t get stuck in a rut of producing the same content over and over again.

Stay inspired and educated on what is attractive to your target audience.


Content marketing can be a hit or a miss, but avoid these mistakes to ensure your marketing efforts are successful!

Now that you know what steps to avoid in content marketing, how about learning the right steps to take?

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