5 Types Of Content Marketing That Will Attract

What does your content marketing currently look like?

Maybe you’re currently starting from scratch and don’t know the first steps to take in content marketing.

Content Marketing is the key to stimulating interest in your company’s product or services.

The more types of content marketing you develop, the more traffic you will drive back to your website.

So where do you begin?

1. Blog.

Blogging is a great base for all content marketing strategies.

Utilizing a blog as a content platform is one of the best practices, simply because the amount of information, related offers, and internal links you can include into a blog post will increase your chances of engagement.

Launch your blog and start writing.

How-To’s or List blogs are great attention getters.

How-To’s are great because people love having simple steps laid out for them.

How-To’s also provide good opportunities for long-tail keywords, because of how specific they can be.

People like Lists because they like looking at different options, benefits, or negatives to a product, service, or practice.

Blogging is a great content marketing practice because it provides people with insight on topics they are interested in.

2. Ebooks.

Ebooks are similar to blogs, but are more detailed information on a relevant topic.

It is a great way to share your information with people, and it will increase your authority within a certain field.

They’re beneficial in the fact that they allow you to channel more creativity into your presentation.

When paired with a landing page, ebooks are a great content marketing tool.

Requiring information in return for your free download, you are then given the details you need to engage and nurture your new lead.

Develop an ebook as a packaged content offer, and then you can include the download option in one of your blog posts.

3. Podcast.

Podcasts are a great way to engage with a completely new audience that you may not have engaged with through your blog posts.

Some people retain information better by listening, rather than reading.

Creating a podcast enables you to reach people in that different bracket, and will increase likeability among your audience.

Podcasts let you showcase the personality of your company and team members in a way that blogs don’t.

They are fairly simple to execute as well.

A great idea when creating a podcast, other than just presenting your content in another form, is to host interviews.

If you have some businesses, writers, or speakers that you admire, why not try interviewing them?

Having other companies linked to your podcast will also increase your reach by gaining access to their audience.

4. Videos.

Want to take the likeability a step further?

Try video blogging (vlogging)!

Videos are great for How-To content offers, as they give you the opportunity to demonstrate while you talk!

People are visual and many learn by watching.

If you want to increase interest around something, make a video about it, and convince people why they need it, or should be interested in it too!

5. Reviews.

Books, other videos or podcasts, and product reviews are a great way to engage with your audience.

When you engage with developers, service providers, ect., you gain recognition.

This recognition will increase your reach and authority within your industry.

Plus, it’s easy!

You just share your experience and story with a certain product or service!

Sharing your thoughts is the easiest, but arguably the most relatable content you can produce.


The more variety of content offers your provide, the further your marketing efforts with go.

Keep in mind the audience you are trying to target, and create your content offers around their preferences and needs.

Originally published at blog.phnx21creative.agency.

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