Ep. 0 | Introduction To The Business Rising Podcast

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Welcome to our first ever podcast episode!

We are The PHNX21creative Agency and this is The Business Rising Podcast.

Our topics and conversations are usually aimed towards business owners, leaders and/or entrepreneurs looking to start their journeys, or those who are already on their journey, but looking to go higher in their business.

As serious and passionate as we are about seeing businesses thrive, we like to have a little fun and throw some banter around as well!

This is our first episode introducing ourselves and sharing a little of our story and journey with you. (We stream every episode on Facebook Live — if you hear us refer to another audience or Facebook, that is why).


In this episode, Kenny Lange — Founder of The PHNX21creative Agency, answers questions:

  • Why PHNX21creative Agency is starting The Business Rising Podcast
  • Why he is passionate about podcasts and how they have positively influenced his personal life and business
  • What The Business Rising Podcast will be and who it is aimed towards
  • Where did the name “The Business Rising” come from
  • Personal podcasts that he listens to for inspiration
  • What listeners can expect from the podcast

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Originally published at blog.phnx21creative.agency.

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