Why Millennials Might Make Some Of The Best Marketers

When people express concern about how smartphones are damaging our young people, I laugh. This anxiety that the internet is going to ruin real human interactions is reminiscent of parents in the ’50s who were worried that Elvis shaking his hips was the devil. Let’s be very clear here. Being concerned about cultural progression “damaging us as a society” always repeats itself with the current trend and will continue to play itself out again and again and again. Millennials are no different from Gen Y, Gen X, or any previous generation when it comes to being affected by a culture shift. In the 1940s, people had their heads in the newspaper and theirs ears to the radio. By the ’60s, it was the TV. What about everyone today on their laptops and smartphones at a Starbucks? See what I’m getting at? — Gary Vaynerchuk

For a while the word millennial seems to cary a negative connotation.

Millennials were viewed as fickle social media consumed kids who bounced around from place to place and opportunity to opportunity.

Now, however, millennial tendencies seem to resonate with the world of marketing.

1. They Understand And Are Driven By Social Media And The Internet

Marketing has started turning more and more inbound.

Everyone is turning to the internet for answers, advertising, communication, and marketing.

Millennials have grown up with, and seen the shift in, the technology that consumes our culture.

From a very young age they were working tvs, gaming systems, smartphones, and ipads, which has made it easier for them to adapt to the newest and latest things that come out.

Because of this, you see more businesses hiring millennials for positions that are wrapped around technology, social media, and the internet.


Because they are social media and internet bred.

It is in their blood.

They know the inner workings of the different platforms business’s are using, or should be using, to capture their target audience.

Millennials are aware of the benefits and importance of social media this day in age.

Today you are able to easily and almost immediately connect with people in the next room or on another continent.

This is extremely vital in the world of marketing to expand your growth and influence in your trade.

Cross continental business deals are becoming more and more common, and accessible to make, because of technology that makes it possible.

Marketing online, using hashtags, and targeting a certain audience on the internet doesn’t scare millennials, or seem like fruitless efforts — they know the benefit of technology and how you can utilize different platforms and software to achieve your goals.

2. They Can Easily Adapt

The so called “fickleness” of millennials, can be better viewed as adaptability now.

Millennials are used to change, and ready for it around every corner, which can be compared to the way marketing works.

Marketing is technically “fickle”.

Tactics and strategies change because people and culture change.

When there is a shift in society, there is a shift in the way people need to be marketed too, which means business’s need to shift their marketing tactics.

Millennials can keep up with the world of marketing because of their comfortability with change and shift.

They are able to stay on their toes and continue searching, digging, and looking out for the next thing that will help them achieve their goal.

Millennials can keep up, which is becoming more important in the world of marketing.

They are able to be molded, and don’t fear having to reinvent themselves.

Some may think this is a negative thing, but it’s not.

They adapt, mold, and reinvent to make themselves comfortable in a situation, to take an opportunity, or to avoid failure.

Much the same, marketing can be twisted, tweaked, and altered to fit a specific campaign, business need, or for different platforms.


Millennials are not all lazy, like people assumed them to be.

Their unique and stark differences to the previous generations make their experiences and opinions extremely vital and necessary.

Their influence makes them some of the best marketers!

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Originally published at blog.phnx21creative.agency.

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