Week 8 and Week 9 Mega Re-cap: How Dare Hue

I apologize for the delay everyone, I have been too busy writing about random sets of numbers for my job, than to do it for you guys for free. But since I live to serve, here is the week 8 and week 9 re-caps all rolled into one.

Week 8 Re-cap:

Swandog Millionaires v. Worse Than the Browns

  • This win brings my record to 2–0 in revenge games since losing to Rob’s team by .2 points in the playoffs thanks to a fortunately timed Melvin Gordon bye week. It’s been an unfortunate season for Worse Than the Browns, as they have been able to recreate their waiver wire magic. All I know is, regardless of their record Rob is extraordinarily more qualified to manage this team than Gregg Williams.

Loser City v. Worse Than Worse Than the Browns

  • Loser City came away with the win thanks in part to the Patriots first defensive touchdown in 40 games. It does seem though that their team has a sort of “see-saw” effect. When the RBs do well, the WRs do not, and vice-versa. Don’t worry Will, I have a strong feeling things will turn around for you next week.

Darren McFadden v. Worse Than UMass Football

  • Stop me if you’ve heard this before: the team with Patrick Mahomes put up a lot of points. At this point, I’m starting to think he’s pretty good. He helped put Darren McFadden over the top despite a big 0.4 pooper from Kenjon Barner. Worse Than UMass Football has been backed into a corner in regards to their RB situation. But again, I have a strange suspicion that will turn around soon enough.

Trader Joey v. Goodell Has CTE

  • Trader Joey almost makes it into the game of the week with a big win over Goodell Has CTE. James Conner is starting to look like the pick-up of the year so far, especially in non-redraft formats. Not a knock on Goodell Has CTE though, he would’ve beat most teams in the league. Just a bad break.

Game of the Week

Dead Inside v. The Football Guys

  • Dead Inside was able to narrowly take the game of the week despite a goose from Njoku. It’s been a strong year for Dead Inside who looks to finally break the playoff threshold. The Football Guys had the misfortune of two dud games from their otherwise stud receivers. Unfortunately for them, this won’t be the last time they’re on the wrong side of the game of the week.

Week 9 Re-cap:

Goodell Has CTE v. Loser City

  • Fun fact: both of these teams each had two players who scored the same exact amount of points. Goodell Has CTE had Ben Watson and AB score 15.2 a piece, and Loser City had Golladay and Funchess score 8.4 a piece. Fun fact: that’s the only interesting thing to write about this match-up where both teams just barely scored over 200 combined.

Dead Inside v. Worse Than UMass Football

  • Just when things were starting to look up for UMass Football, AJ Green had to go and get hurt. It’s been a rough season, but the early round picks next year will be quite the consolation. For Dead Inside, their team came back to earth after a huge week last week mostly due to a tough bye week situation.

Worse Than Worse Than the Browns v. Swandog Millionaires

  • So, does losing to this team make me worse than Worse Than Worse Than the Browns? Will’s team got the win by a huge margin that could have been even huger with Dion Lewis and Drew Brees on the bench. All I have left to say about this match-up is that Kyle Rudolph can go kick rocks.

Darren McFadden v. Worse Than the Browns

  • Darren McFadden is now on a four week win streak and has shown no signs of slowing down. They got a combined 65.3 points from two of their running backs and another 21 points from their defense. That’s a team already in playoff form. Meanwhile Worse Than the Browns was able to breathe a little easier as Melvin Gordon returned to the field healthy.

Game of the Week

Trader Joey v. The Football Guys

  • He finally did it (non-existent) ladies and (very existent) gentlemen! Trader Joey won the game of the week! And all without Saquon, Luck, DJ, and Ebron. And if that wasn’t enough it came against the league leader in points for, who put up a strong 149 point showing. With the win, Trader Joey kicks the Football Guys out of the now three way tie for first place.

Look! The NFL is Still Fun!

If you have not seen it already, this season of Hard Knocks is mandatory viewing. It’s basically The Office, where Hue Jackson is Michael Scott, Gregg Williams is Dwight Schrute, the fat O-line coach is Kevin, and Todd Haley is Toby. As we all know, Hue Jackson and Todd Haley were fired recently and Hue Jackson, sometimes referred to as “Huey Headlines” went on a media blitz trying to convince us how good he is after a 3–36–1 record over two and a half years. Here are some of the gems from the interviews:

“When you go 1–15, 0–16, people forget you know how to coach”

“I know I could have turned the offense around”

“I strongly believe that I did a lot of work in a short time of laying the foundation for turning the place around. It’s unfortunate that they took the approach they did the first two years because those were two years that I couldn’t get back from a record and value standpoint.”

Thanks Hue. It’s been an adventure.

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