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Keeping it spooky

French Frights: The Big Scare

In the 60s, a mysterious Belgian author began to make headlines in France. This newfound fame led to a young filmmaker adapting his work.

Black and white stills. Three women are seen trying to listen trhough a door while carrying a mannequin as if it was a ram.
Stills from the movie La cité de l’indicible peur
The cover of the books depicts a ghostly fog engulfing a village of pointy roof.
Book cover for La Cité de l’Indicible Peur
The poster states : a funny cop ! On it we can see the hero appearing lost while a policeman approches him from behind.
The poster of The Big Scare
Postcard drawing showing the effigy of the Tarasque behind led in the middle of a crow by a small girl.
La Tarasque
a Camera pans to the left in a garden. Behind some bush a reptile-like head emerges. It’s the Bargeasque!
La Bargeasque



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