Keeping it spooky
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Keeping it spooky

Gunmen in Black

After battle come unsettling visitors.

Schonchin Butte cinder cone, Medicine Lake Volcano, California. By Beej Jorgensen, Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 2.0.

“All three of the figures were tall and moved queerly, loosely, like wind chimes affixed by their skulls while the rest of their bones dangled underneath.”

California Historical Society Digital Collection. Public domain.

I need a plan, but there ain’t even time to muck up recitin’ the Lord’s Prayer.”

The Modoc War — Soldiers Recovering the Bodies of the Slain, Harper’s Weekly, May 3, 1873. Public domain.
The Modoc War. Public domain.
Modoc chief Kintpuash, 1864. Public domain.



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J.P. Williams

I write about the intersection of arts and ideas. Lots of short music reviews at the moment.