Keeping up with the Commons

👻 What’s spookier than copyright? 👻

A few of us were in London this weekend at the Mozilla Festival, where we hacked, played, and spoke about European copyright, open culture, and movement building.

Someone made a stencil of our logo and put it on pillows, which made for some cool decor in the “Fuel the Movement” space.

Try to spot the commoners in this photo

The week before, we were talking about Open Access over at the blog, Twitter chatting with luminaries in the field of open like Teon Brooks, Kevin Smith, and Mike Taylor, and unleashing the power of our new Termination of Transfer Tool via a video featuring author Sidonie Smith.

Want to hear from some rocking people working open? Check out our interview with open scientist Erin McKiernan and our interview with the Wellcome Trust’s Robert Kiley.

Other things we can’t get enough of? Cats, policy papers, unicode, open data sharing, and The Conversation.

Your moment of inspiration

A pile of CC Swag (photo by Ryan Merkley)