Keeping up with the Commons #2

Cards Against Humanity thinks we’re the “perfect technology.” We agree.

Placard from City of Chicago exhibit on Card Against Humanity. Image via Twitter
  1. We told the inspiring story of Carol Highsmith, the famous photographer photographing every state in the United States… and giving her work away for free.
  2. Stop patent trolling with Reclaim Invention, a new project from the EFF that calls for reforms to technology sharing within universities.
  3. Start working on your core now. Learn more about the Creative Commons certificates program.
  4. Big win for open access! Open NASA provides free access to all NASA-funded research data through their new research portal.
  5. More good news on the open government front. Tamil Nadu adopts CC licensing for all government materials.
  6. Open drives innovation with a new (limited) code sharing policy from the United States government.
  7. The Getty looks back on three years of Creative Commons licensed projects.
  8. Learn about OER policy components with Lumen Learning’s policy development toolkit.
  9. Have we told you lately how much we love Unsplash? Read more at Vice.
  10. The Sunlight Foundation explains open data, remix, and policy with Open Data Policies Decoded.

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It was also #NationalCatDay this month