Animals are Purest Love

I think all animal deserves someone who loves him or her. They always forgive us and are always there for us, why shouldn’t we be there for them? I’m a Pet lover; I have always been, since I was a little girl. I have grown up with many animals in my grandmother’s house and have been taught to care for and love them by my grandmother, also an animal lover. For me, animals have always been there for me especially dogs. Whether I was angry or sad, they will listen in their way. They never get mad or yell at me, they just quietly listen and comfort you. I have grown up loving animals. When I was a child, I grow up with my Grandmother’s dog who was call “Bronco” he was born two months before me. Bronco became my first best friends; he was always by my side and taking care of me. My grandmother taught me something vital for me and my life, it is the respect for the life have thousands of experiences with my dogs and sad experience on the animals shelters because it breaks my of animals. I had many great experiences that my grandmother taught me.

My love for animals started when I met Bronco. When I was born; he became my best friend, he always played with me. When I was three years old, my grandmother taught me how to feed him and care of him. I remember one day when I was walking near to my grandmother’s house and my neighbor’s dog tried to attack me, but Bronco ran very fast and protected me. Bronco fight with the other dog until he stopped to bother me. After that, I terrified of big dogs, but that experience never ends my love for animals. Bronco always helped me at lunch time, and I have a funny story with him. When I was a child, I never wanted to eat my vegetables, so Bronco always ate it for me. He always was behind me under the table to wait for my vegetables, but one day my grandmother saw him under the table, I think he knew that, and he helps me. Bronco put all those vegetables that I gave him next to my cousin, and then my grandmother looked under the table and saw Bronco behind my cousin with my vegetables. Everybody laughed about it because my family knew that those vegetables were my and Bronco helped me again and saved my life. My hurt time was when Bronco passed away when we were 12 years old. My first best friend is gone, but we had good memories, and he is always in my heart.

One day, I was played in the garage, I saw a disgusting small animal, so I didn’t know what it was so I called my grandmother, she came, and she said: “ it is a pigeon, we have to help it and save him/her life.” I was nervous because I never saw it before, so my grandmother taught me how to help it. My grandmother gave water to it in his tiny beak and then she put back on the nest. I saw it, and I knew something that small animals are important. My grandmother told me that I must do the same when I see the pigeons on the floor. She always said: “ Do not hurt any animal that is on the floor, always help them because they are vulnerable.” After that day to now, I always help any animal.

Every morning my job at my grandmother’s house was to put a bowl of water and food next to the door for homeless animals. Sometimes they were hurt so we heal them and we give them a bath and them when they were fine we tried to found a home. One day when I was walking on the street with my aunt, I saw a box, and I heard some noise from that box. It was a box with many kitties they were crying, so I took the box and tried to help those baby cats. I went home and gave them some milk. That day I call my friend who loves cats, and she took all of them. I was so happy because I help them and I found the best home for them.

When I came to the United States, my mother doesn’t want any animal, but I wanted a puppy so one day I was looking for a small and friendly dog. I found a beagle. One day I went to the pet’s store, and it was love at first sight. I took him home, and my mother said to me: “If I see a mess, he has to leave,” so I always did my best with my new baby. One day when I was looking information about beagles online, I found a website “Beagle Freedom”I went in, and I found good but sad information about how the laboratories hurt them because they are not aggressive dogs. It broke my heart. Sometimes people help the dogs from the laboratories, but they need food and also a home. Well, my mother does not want more dogs at home, so I help with food. But now every Friday I go to visit Elizabeth Shelter to donate food. The first time that I went there, it was hard for me, because they have many pit bulls and for them it is difficult to find a home, because they are old. I can’t take all of them with me, but I can help them with some bags of food. Sometimes my friend helps me with money for the food, or I buy it by myself. When I see animal abuse, it breaks me in pieces, the images in my mind of tortured animals on television. Heart-less humans put these animals into misery, and nobody does anything about it, and it could have been stopped. I would like to help stop their torture. Whether it is as a vet, or as an animal protections, I know I will love what I do. I will hate seeing animals in agony, but I will enjoy the pleasure of helping them. I want to do this because I believe all animals deserve someone who loves him or her.

My grandmother taught me all I needed in life, and Bronco showed me loyalty. We have to be more pet lover and help them no matter what because they are vulnerable. We have to be their voice. When I saw alone animals on the street I always try to help them; I give food and a bath because it was how my grandmother taught me. And them I trying to found a house for them, but if I can’t found a home, I take them to the shelter. I know my Grandmother, and Bronco see me wherever they are and they are happy with what I do.

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