Cooking A Joyous Event

Have you ever wondered why women are passionate about cooking? Cooking is a great part of my live, and I love do it. As a little girl, that is one of the thing a person as to learn. In my country, Haiti cooking skill’s is a special quality to have as a woman. I enjoy cooking the fact that it makes me feel happy, it makes me feel like I am a woman, and it helps me bring unity.

Cooking make me feel I am a woman. When a women has a good skill to cook it is the best quality that she has. The special thing about cooking home is when you have to go out shopping for ingredients. I adore losing myself in the rituals of shopping, stirring and tasting. For me, buying some expensive ingredient is not important but the quality is important and the way to make it too. Going to the super market, finding the best quality of ingredient make you feel very excited. So it’s easy to make thing that are the most delicious to me. My favorite food is the “macaronie gratinee” (it is a pasta with spam with some ingredient) and the black rice with chicken. I have a good skill in cooking, and I am very creative. The beautiful thing about cooking is when you making it the good smelling embalms the whole house.

Cooking makes me feel happy .The first thing that I have to think when I cook, is the table. Setting up the table when I know some people have to visit me. The best thing is how setting the table and which occasion is appropriate to fix everything. For me it is the best way to influences the appearance of the food serve. It is also a way to facilitate the meal being eaten good and properly. Table setting also provide an opportunity to make the meal pleasant and beautiful .By setting the table makes people who has to come have a feeling about to be together and think they are very important to put extra effort for them.

As a women, when I cook , the best important thing for me is to keeping the kitchen and the living room very clean and smelling very good. As my grandmother always said ,when you have to make the food, to prepare a dinner, the room must be really clean and the way of presenting the food is really important. I also believe that the food can have a really good taste but if the room is not clean, the way you present the food is inappropriate, people may not showing the need to eat. There is nothing better that finishing cooking a food that really delicious and have some people coming to enjoy it .When you know you have your own ten digit, in my country they call that “Blue cordon “, it’s something that make women very special.

Cooking makes me bring unity. Having friend and family come in my house is a joyous event for me. It is also a chance to go on a new experience with friends, especially if they share the same passion and joy of food as me. It makes the happiness in the house, I mean give the house a degree of joy. These kind of activity makes people come together. A lot of time, family like to stop by my house and have dinner. There even people in my family that do not like to go to visit others. However I use my cooking skills to gather them together. I feel happy when I see their smile and eating happily. I also like the fact when I finished to prepare for a dinner party, and everyone ask me for the recipes, ask for more food, and want to bring some home. It is almost impossible for them to deny my invitation for dinner because family like when I cook. The satisfaction of having something that you made with your own two hands, and then the compliment from others make you feel very happy and show that you are a someone special.

There is no better feeling than cooking. Cooking is a passion for me . I like to do it ,I inherit the fact of loving it and the best skill from my grandmother. I like cooking because I enjoy watching others what I cook for them and see their face with a smile when they feel my foods are tasty and good. Cooking is to me an enjoyable thing to do as well as it being a special hobby. I encourage people to take this opportunity to make healthy cooking a part of their lifestyle.

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