Driving is my passion

My car in Russia - Volvo S60

One of my favorite things to do either when I’m alone or with friends or family is drive. I love driving because every time I do, it’s a new adventure. I just love to move from one place to another, a fast speed, listening my favorite music on the high volume. Driving makes me feel free, and it allows me to think about what’s on my mind. And now I am happy and I love to drive, but I got my driver’s license in Russia with an interesting story in difficult situation.
 When I was 23, I got a new job and a mandatory requirement of this company that a driving license and at least some driving experience, so I had neither the one nor the other. I had to get a new corporate car as soon as I started to work. I felt very bad because I couldn’t drive anything but I ambitious to enough to want to work in the biggest pharmaceutical company. I confirmed that I certainly have driving license and experience, so I started to think how I can implement my plan in the short term. I asked advice from my mom, and she promised to help me in practice of driving but I should definitely enroll in a driving school. I realized that this is the best way, but I had only one month for the certification driving test at my future work. I decided to agree with the instructor from the school about driving lessons and found a policeman, who help me quickly get the documents. I met a police officer who promised me to expedite the process of obtaining documents. None of the instructors has available during in the month. Then I decided to put an ad in the newspaper marked urgent. After a week of searching and unsuccessful meetings, I found what I wanted. It was a woman about 60 years old who was a professional racer and worked all her life as a stuntman in the movies.
 When I came to the first lesson on driveway I saw a small energetic woman in leather pants and jacket, who said loudly and strictly looked at me. When I sat in the passenger seat, I hoped to hear her explaining about car, but she stopped me and said that I switched with me seats. She explained me about pedals, the turn signals, the gear shift, then she said me, that I need to start a car. When I felt that my car was moving, I was the happiest person. It was 
amazing, I was able to operate the machine. It was one minute until the car stalled. I was confused and my euphoric feeling vanished in an instant. This was only the beginning of my daily workouts.

My first driving

Tanya was a very strict teacher and when a week later I started to drive around the streets near my house, she was constantly making comments to me and criticizing my slow driving style. I was very scared because it was winter and I won’t be able to brake in time or not to enter a turn.My mom decided to help me to train extra. She would sit on the passenger seat of her car with a packet of seeds with laughing because she was saying something funny while I went to Snegnaya street. When I started to go through the streets, she ate a package of sunflower seeds very quickly and all the time she told me that I need to drive too slower. Sitting as a passenger she slowed down on an imaginary brake pedal. When she got out of the car she ommented that I have an aggressive male style of driving and I would never pass a certification driving test if I drive this way. 
 When a month later I came to the driving test, I successfully passed the exam, creating my own style of driving. And now many years later I have warm memories of those lessons with my instructor, the feelings which I experienced at first, and now for me the car is the best place for relaxation. When I want to think and relax, I get in the car, turn on my favorite music and drive over long distances. It’s time for me to process life all while doing what I love.

My dream
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