Family, when you hear the word family, what comes into mind? Is it people born with the same blood? Friends? What is family? To me, family is whoever that puts me first when it’s needed, it doesn’t necessarily have to do with having the same blood because some families are at wars, some families are stranger to each other. Family are people that you’ll go above and beyond for, family is the guide sheet to life, family are people that pushes you to strive, family are people that aren’t afraid to tell you when you’re wrong. So, as you see, family has many definitions, family is what feels like home. I was fortunate enough to grow up into a very well respected family, where everyone loves, cares and respects each other, I love my family and I love spending time with them. Growing up, I’ve experienced different types of families through my friends, Family is whomever, whatever and wherever that makes you feel safe, at peace and accepted.

My best memories in life were made with my family and it’s not just my sisters, mom and dad, it’s also my close friend. One of my best childhood is when I went to the beach with my family, we played in the sand, swam, ran and ate together. The beach was one thing that we loved to do together, we’d be at the beach every other weekend if not, at home the end of every week. Another childhood memory was back in elementary school, I used to love going to school because I always wanted to be with my friends and once school ended, I’d refused to go home. They made me feel special because everyone wanted to be my friends but I was little so I never knew the value of family until I grew older. I started cherishing every moment with them more and more each day.

Sunday Dinner was one of the many traditions my mother had. Every Sunday, my siblings and I would come from church and change into comfortable clothing and would either do something until dinner is ready or help mom out in the kitchen. My mom used to throw down in the kitchen, she’d make fried pork, fried plantain, black rice, turnip salad, and many other delicious meals from Haitian dishes. After everyone finished eating, I would call my friends over and offer them food because everyone loved my mother’s cooking, I would constantly get ask if my mother cooked and I found that it was the funniest thing because at times, I’d refuse to eat while they are other people ready to eat. Sunday was honestly the best days out of the week days, my sisters would normally be at work and Sunday, they are normally off, that’s the day we spent most time as a family.

In conclusion, family is what I love the most, I’d do anything for my family. Being around my family, brings out the best of me; there’s no greater love out there then a family’s love after God’s of course. Spending quality time together is heavenly, cracking jokes and being all huddled up brings security. There’s a quote that says, “Family is like branches on a tree; we may grow in different directions yet our roots remain as one.” By Unknown. All this quote is saying, you may have your difference from your siblings but at the end of the day, you come from the same “roots.” Love and Cherish our family as much as I cherish and loves mine.

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