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“Without passion you have no energy, and without energy you have nothing.” Donald Trump. In my opinion, passion is the motivation to do something, so that is what I feel about making crafts. I feel an internal motivation that moves me to do it. Since I was a child I have been very inclined to do things with my hands. I mean crafts. This activity became my favorite entertainment because I discovered that I could do many beautiful and fun things in my free time using my own hands. This activity could be used in many ways. Now, I maintain the same motivation to do crafts, but this is no longer just entertainment, also I understood that handcrafts are activities that consist of making elements artistically that can be for other uses. I do this activity for the following purposes: Entertainment, contributing to the environment, making money and helping to my children.

I love doing handcraft as entertainment because it is a good option to relax myself when I am bored, fulfilling a medical rest or just take advantage of free time. When I’m bored or stressed because I am doing things that maybe I do not like very much. I choose to change my mood or remove my stress by doing any crafts. Since in the course of my life I have learned a variety of beautiful and amusing things that can be done with things that are easy to find. For example, making flowers from plastic bottles etc.

Years ago, when I was seventeen years old, I took a medical rest after I had an accident in my grandparents’ farm. It happened that a big stem fell down on my head, so I lost the consciousness for three days. I had injuries on my head, face and also I had broken a foot, so this took a long recovery. I could not attend to school. I was forced to stay at home without anything to do. That was terrible, everything was very boring because I couldn’t do difficult activities. Through the crafts that I learned from my grandmother and my mother my illness was more endurable. My grandmother and my mother knitted different kinds of beautiful things in crochet. They encouraged me to learn knit crochet, so I learned it very well. During my recuperation I made handbags, scarfs, socks, and for my baby brother hat and shoes. They also taught me how to make looms like my ancestors did. In other words, handcrafts has allowed me to learn, to continue with my origins and roots since I learned to knit as did my grandmother’s grandmother something valuable for me.

Hand crafts is very interesting because it gives me the opportunity to take advantage of every free moment of my time. Since these activities are easy to do from home; For example, I can be knitting a scarf while I watch TV. Also, I can share the manual work with my children like making butterflies and flowers with plastic bottles etc. In this way I do not neglect the tasks of my home occupying my free time in something productive. Crafts is a perfect entertainment for me.

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This is very gratifying for me to be able to contribute to the environment through making crafts which is my favorite activity. When I take materials that would go to the trash, and from that I create something nice, curious and special, I can experience a very pleasant feeling of satisfaction. In the course of my life I have learned to use a wide variety of recyclable materials to give them new uses. Materials such as carton (boxes of different sizes), plastics (bottles, bags etc.), paper (newspaper, aluminum etc.), threads, cloths etc. These materials when are irresponsibly disposed off, it pollute the environment, but this can be avoided by reusing them to make crafts.

Handcrafts is an activity that can be involved to make money. When I was ill taking a long medical break, I made several handbags. I do them from nylon threads in different sizes. I made some bags for my own use, other bags for gifts to special friends and I sold some of them, so I won some money. I have taught to this activity to several friends. One of them is my friend Martha. Martha whom I taught to make handbags, she has become professional in the activity. She continues making bags so far. She make and sells a lot of them for some stores. She has a small store of handbags in her house. She makes money doing handbags because this is Marta’s formal work. I make handbags and other crafts only when I have free time for fun.

Craftsmanship has been an essential part of helping my children in the learning process. I have practiced this activity with them every day since they were babies. They began to paint, to draw, to glue some paper balls, so each time with the practice they were doing more complex things like rip, choose, cut and join pieces and finally assemble an object. In this way they develop their skills such as coordination in their hands, compare, classify and organize objects. The most important thing that caught my attention was that my children were distracted and through the work that we did together, they quickly develop the capacity of attention because they were motivated to finish the work that they were doing with their own hands. Clearly I have noticed a great development in their abilities. When they went to school, they had already learned many things, so as a result, they were evaluated and sent to the talent school. They are currently staying there. The handcraft allowed us to learn and share good moments together.

In conclusion, that I had felt attracted by the learning of handcrafts, it was the best thing that has happened to me since I was young because it has provided many benefits in my life. It serves me as entertainment when I’m bored and stressed because I change my activity to do something that I like, and it encourages me again. When I took a long medical rest, the handcrafts served me as therapy. It is important to mention that handcraft gives me the opportunity to take advantage of every free moment of my time. The crafts are useful because I can contribute to the environment since I am using recyclable material transforming it into beautiful things to decorate the house. If people are resourceful, they can earn money by selling their own creations, or save money by using their own crafts instead of buying it. Also crafts have been an important tool able to help my children to acquire new knowledge, to enrich their skills and share fun and unforgettable moments with them. I encourage people to learn any kind of craftsmanship because they will be people capable of contributing to the improvement of society.

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