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My Grandparents’ Farm

My grandpa’s farm has and always will have a special place in my heart. The most fun and active days were there. It was an amazing place that I called home, a place where I appreciated the beauty of nature and its charms. The memories of childhood make my heart smile and almost all my favorite family members were there, my cousins, uncles and aunt. I remember like it was today how happy I was during my childhood just because I could enjoy this lovely place.

Every weekend almost all my family went to the farm. We were many cousins, uncles and aunts gathered, so the fun was guaranteed. Cousin Hugo could be heard from miles around with his deep laugh. Aunt Leny never passed the opportunity to give good advice for anyone who wanted to listen to her. Everyone sitting down at the weekend dinners were seen making jokes about one another or telling the newest joke they had heard. The farm’s house was big and getting all the grandchildren to the farm on weekends, was the best thing in the world for my grandparents. To sleep we needed to share the beds, because it didn’t have enough for everybody, but it was never a problem for us.

On Saturday mornings, we would wake up early to enjoy the river. We used to run barefoot to the river to play volleyball and soccer. Also, I liked spending the morning under the shade of the trees, listening to the birds sing, and often I slept in the sand a few feet from the water. When it was getting dark, we were all dirty, tired and happy, but, we had done what we liked most, have fun.

My grandma was always seen sitting in her living room, next to the front door, gazing out of her window. This is where she drank her hot black coffee with no sugar, listening to the radio. She sometimes sat in her living room for hours watching the birds and chickens lower themselves to eat the corn. My grandma recognized the chickens and had names for most of them. She always described them like people with their own different personalities. It was funny listening to her stories about what the chickens did that day.

After dinner, we used to sit in front of the house to see the sky. The sky was so beautiful, and full of stars. My grandfather liked to tell stories to us. Sometimes the stories were so scary that I couldn’t sleep at night. Also, he told stories so exciting that they made us cry from so much emotion. And many jokes too, which made us laugh a lot. The nights that I spent admiring the sky in the company of lovely people, were some of the most amazing days I’ve ever lived. Even though some of them are no longer alive, I’ll take these memories forever in my life.

My favorite animal on the farm was the horse. I really enjoyed riding a horse on green grass. I spent hours riding, watching nature and the animals in the middle of the pasture. I remember once I fell off the horse and I hurt my arms, legs and head. It was terrible! Even today I’m not sure what happened, but I believe the horse saw a snake and ran with me that I couldn’t control him, and he ended up throwing me to the ground. I was so traumatized by this fall that I spend some good months without riding a horse. But after a while my fear was over, and I went back to riding normally.

Today I don’t have my grandparents together at the farm. Everything is very different, after my grandpa died, my grandma moved to the city. The farm is still there, but not like before. For many, it is an abandoned farm. However, for me, it means a lot. This place reminds me of all the adventures I had there as a child. Every tree, every tire swing, every stone reminds me of something I lived there. It’s the small things that made this farm so special for me. I miss the good times that will not come back, and so everything became past. Still only good thoughts are left, and so life goes on leaving behind only the sweet experiences that I have had.




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