My story started in Cali Colombia. I grew up with my parents and one of my brothers. My father had his company, my brother has been working with Santander Bank for long time, and my mother stayed at home. We lived many years in the same city and the same beautiful and comfortable house. I was so happy with my family and I always thought that I could do the same thing as my father and my brother. I always asked my father, “How does the company work?” And he always explained to me how hard it is sometimes. Instead of working for my father, my brother is a supervisor in one of the branches in Santander Bank. Sometimes he told me a lot of stories about the customers and many situations that happened over there. I thought that job that my brother has was boring, but I never realized we can learn something new every day.

After many years of seeing my brother work hard in the bank and my father with his company, my parents decided to divorce. My mother and I moved to the US because we can have another opportunity in this country. I was a good math student when I went to school in Colombia, so I wanted to study Business or Economics; however, my situation here was completely different than I expected. After we came to United States, we had to get a job and we started to save money and look for somewhere to live. The first couple of months the situation was so sad and horrible because I was working a lot of hours to have some money. We had to pay for many things and had less money to save for ourselves. I always had in my mind to find a job like my brother had because I could help my mother and I could have a better economic situation.

All the situations in my life were complicated, but I knew that little by little I would be able to solve them. Even though I was working so hard for many months, I had in my mind and my heart to study something with numbers. After a couple years working in a restaurant, I got the opportunity to work with a bank. Coincidentally, it was the same bank that my brother in worked for many years. I didn’t think twice to take the job. After I took the training and learned all the procedures, I started working in the Santander Bank. My family was so happy because I got a good job with a huge company. My brother gave me a lot of advice about policies and told me how important it is to respect that job and take care of myself in the company.

I love the new opportunity that I received. There are a lot of things that I have to learn and memorize for my position. The bank is my favorite and most important place because every day I learn something new: I can help a customer; I can translate something for customers because sometimes they don’t know the language. I thought this job might be boring, but I was completely wrong. Nobody can imagine how many stories, problems, and jokes. We hear every single day. Sometimes we see the same customers every day, so they become more familiar for us because we spend more time in our job than in our houses. That place is important to me because I learned more how to treat people, how you have to respect people, and how you can help or make a difference in their lives.

I was so quiet and shy before, but that job has helped me to express myself better, to meet nice people, to practice my English and learn more every time I can. I feel so grateful and happy to have this job and serve others with my knowledge. The area where I work has mixture of Portuguese, American, and Latin people. I help a lot of Latin customers with the language because my coworkers don’t speak Spanish and they need to do their transactions; otherwise, they don’t understand whatever they say to them. Besides that, I have a lot of Portuguese customers, too. I try to speak and practice Portuguese language with them. I open my mind for every good opportunity or situation that I can learn something from.

At the Santander branch where I have been working, I am feeling so peaceful and comfortable because my coworkers are so nice, friendly and respectful. My boss is a nice person too. We enjoy our job and we always try to do the best for our customers and for our company. We receive a lot of trainings and we do a lot of tests for better customer services and to improve every day our goals in the bank. Our job isn’t only helping the customers and counting the money. We have a lot of responsibilities like maintaining our customer’s information in secure place, selling and buying money every time we need to do, fixing and add or subtract money from the ATM, and more things that we have to do every day for our security and our customers.

My job is more than a place to work. It is a place where I spend more time with other people, the place that I do my best to help others and do my responsibilities. My job has given me a lot a good and bad experience because not all of the situations have been good, but it helps me to be involved more with my major and get closer to studying business or economy. My boss told me many times this is the way that I should focus on going up in my job and going to school too. I learned many values from my father and brother with their jobs and responsibilities, and now I am doing the same thing with mine. I love to help people; I love to do my job with a good attitude because I think I can make difference in other people’s lives. Some people live with many problems and never smile, but if I always have a smile in my face and good greeting, then people are going to feel better. If we choose a job that we really love, we will never have to work a day in our lives.