My wonder woman [my mother]

There nobody forgiving, ambitious, selfless, and loving like my mother. My mother is my wonder woman, my mother is the best mother that anybody could ever ask for. My mother is kind of mother that would do anything for her children, not only her for her children but everyone that needs her help. I don’t know how she does it because growing up I only see my mom doing everything by herself, she never complains about it.
 My mother is one of the best mother in the world, she like to spend time with her children. My mother is a forgiving human being, you can do her wrong and she will forgive you like it not thing, or it didn’t happen. The reason why I said my mother is forgiving is because I have seen and heard what people do to her and she still forgive them. For example, my mother and my father met when they were young, years later I was born but six months later my father came to America, left my mother and I behind. Two years later, my mother found out that my father got another woman pregnant, while they were still together, they separated but she forgave him. That how forgiving she is.
 My mother could have been anything if she had the opportunity to do the things that she wanted to do. But sadly, she didn’t have the opportunity like me to peruse them. My mother always told me you have the opportunity to finish school, finish school, do everything that I didn’t have the opportunity to do. She didn’t have the opportunity to finish school but she always makes sure that my that my siblings and I have the education that she never once has. She always goes for what she wants and never give up.
 My mother is selfless, she puts everyone before her, especially her children. My mother is a kind women that would do anything to help people that how nice she is. My mother cares a lot about people even though people do her wrong, she will help anyways. I always ask her why are you so nice to people even though they do you wrong, she answered me I know they do me wrong but that doesn’t mean I’m going to stop helping them, I help them because it the right thing to do when someone needs your help and I know God will bless me. 
In conclusion, my mother is a wonder women because of the things that I have seen her went through over the years, she has been through a lot. My mother always play both role of parenting, she plays the role of motherhood and the role of fatherhood. Growing up my mother always support me and guide me, I couldn’t ask for a better mom she gives me unconditional love. My mother is the only person when she said she loves me I believe her because of her actions, she shows me what it meant to be love by someone it not what they have it what they do for the person that they love. I adore my mother, I always look up to when I was growing up she the kind of women that I want to be when I’m older, she is the kind of mother I want to be when I have children.

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