There are many sports all over the world and many people think sports are good to practice in order to live a better life, so they improve physical abilities and skills while sports provide enjoyment and amusement for fans. I have many sports in my life that make me feel good when I watch or do, but soccer is one of the best game. Everyone knows soccer is the most popular sport in the world and is played in most countries. It has been my favorite game and I played when I was in high school. Even though there are several sports in the world, the one I like most is the game of soccer. There are reasons that I like to watch and play, but making friends, entertainment, and keeping the body healthy are the most important to me on the soccer field.

Soccer is a great sport people can make friends from being involved in. Practicing a sport is a good way to meet people in order to make new friends. Having friends is very important in life because when people remains lonely without friends, they can become sick or hateful. Soccer is a wonderful sport that builds friendships because it requires people to work together as a team. Making friends is the most important to some players on the soccer field. I like soccer because there are many ways that soccer builds the friendships. First, the soccer players are all working together and playing by the same set of rules; however, they come from different countries. They develop great friendships in order to play a good game to win matches. Secondly, the players can make friends with the others soccer players although they don’t play in the same team. The method of fair play in soccer is a great thing for soccer players because it helps to build respect for other teams and to build team spirit, and a sense of equality. Soccer is a good game most people like to watch all over the world because the game is friendly and entertaining.

Playing soccer is fun and entertaining for watchers. The game is very organized with each team having eleven players. The game is assisted by one referees and two assistant referee and this game lasts 90 minutes. The game is played with their legs, head, and the trunk of the human body to pass the ball and score goals. Players like chasing the ball around the field and that make the game of soccer entertaining because ten players are chasing and kicking a ball from one end of the field to the other. I like the actions when I watch soccer since the object of the game of soccer is to get the ball across the field, past the goalkeeper, and into the other team’s goal. The actions from kicking the ball are entertaining for me and the movements make the soccer fans better because the spectators get good feeling and the actions bring about emotions among the spectators which make them like the soccer more. One of the best things about soccer is that it allows people to have fun. Soccer creates great debates and great fun. The spectators are always trying to find out who the superior team is, and they are destined to be right because everyone likes its own team.

I like soccer because it is playing a good role in the people’s health; thus, soccer is a good sport for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The players are always running and moving around the field of play. This action make the soccer players healthy. When people play soccer, they do exercises and these exercises make them feel healthier than before. The soccer game has many influence on my health. If I have problems like stress, I may resolve my worries by watching the game of soccer because this sport is a physical therapy for people’s bodies. The stress relief comes from after watching this game. Sometimes, I watch soccer until I relieve my stress because soccer is a physical therapy for people’s brains.

To conclude, there are many things that make the game of soccer so great. The actions on the field are great because they are a large part of the game that makes me feel better. I like soccer because when I have feelings of stress, I deal with them by watching soccer with my friends and family. I like the game of soccer for many reasons. It helps people build the new friends, the spectators acquire good feelings, and players remain healthy. When people play this game, they have possibilities to develop the own leadership skills because soccer shows the players how they can manage the ball on the soccer field that can influence the players to be in charge of their lives.

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