Something I love doing

Is there any mystery behind loving something? I keep on wondering why some people love things many people do not care anything about. Different people love different things for different reasons. In my own case, my family background has affected my loving selection. Cooking is one of the things I love doing most. My attraction to cooking started when I was in the primary school. I grew up in a polygamous family in the country called Nigeria where every woman caters for her own children. I used to pity my mother for managing different types of domestic chores, farm work and business on a daily basis. Being the only daughter, I used to help her in the kitchen while cooking and it helped me to learn a lot of local cooking skills as a young girl in the primary school. Again, I always wondered how raw food would be prepared in the wooden fire and it became something edible. It is a big mystery for me. I always appreciated the nature of having firewood and fire for cooking, water, different kinds of vegetables, crops, fruits to mention but a few for nourishment and growth of mankind. Cooking nourishes the body with immunity from diseases, gives me choices of many blended cuisines and saves time and money.

My cooking experiment commenced one day, my mother did not have enough time to prepare breakfast for us (her children) before she left for trading. She instructed me to prepare small fufu for myself and my younger brother for our breakfast before going to school. In order to give my mother a surprise package, I decided to make a bigger fufu for both breakfast and lunch so that my mother would not need to go to kitchen when she came back from her daily business. Unfortunately for me, when I was bringing the pot down from the fire, the weight of the pot out-weighed my power and the hot water of the fufu poured on one of my legs. The pain from the burns was very unbearable,and I screamed so loudly that one of our neighbors, who knew

that my mother was not supposed to be at home at that time rushed in to check why I was crying. As she came in and beheld my swollen leg, she ran back to her house and came back with some raw eggs to apply on me as first-aid. The raw eggs were able to calm the pain a bit, but I was still undergoing severe pain .Eventually, my mother came back from the market with the shocking news of the burning, and she rushed me to the nearby chemist, where I was medically treated, and I felt more relieved from such an agonizing pain. Afterwards, I was stopped from cooking.

A few years later, when I was a bit older, I broke the rule again

st cooking one Christmas Day when my mother’s dance troop was inaugurating a new dance troop in the church. I decided to surprise my mother by cooking the Christmas food. Though some of the meal I cooked was half-done, but my mother appreciated my effort in a very wonderful way that made me ready to cook more whenever my mother seemed to be busy. In other words, as a young girl I learned cooking out of consideration towards my mother’s busy work schedule. The good news is that my earlier engagement in cooking saved me from unnecessary gossip of the village setting because I was always busy in the house. Most of the time I washed bitter leaves for soap making, ground pepper and gathering firewood. Eventually, my mother left the cooking job for me when I was in high school. The cooking hobby I enjoyed very well, but the bad news is that staying at home always made me less-sociable because I hardly had time to play with my peers. As a young adult, not only has my cooking abilities have been improved but I have as well developed a loving interest for cooking with a different reasons other than pitying my mother or running away from street gossip. Since food is very important for human happiness as well as one the basic needs for good living, there is a need to prepare it in a very hygienic and palatable way.

Basically, the essence of personal cooking is very necessary in order to obtain the exact nutrients, balance diet and immunity the food has to offer without any adulteration or less diet. In my family, we hardly buy out door food or fast food because most of the food we take on the daily basis contribute to either one good or bad health. Fast food is not a good guarantee for healthy living because most of the fast foods focus their attention more on the taste of the food instead of the nutritional aspect. Sometimes either one fast food is over-salted or the other is over-sugared, all these contribute to health issues. Again, as one grows older in age, coupled with my family’s health history of high blood pressure, I prefer cooking natural food where I can control the amount of salt that goes into my food. My cooking preferences also help me to tackle some infection without really buying medication or going to hospital. For example, Whenever I have fever or an allergy, I always cook some spices or vegetables to fight the sickness without taking some medications with some kinds of negative effects. Therefore, I enjoyed a balanced diet and immunity that accompanies good cooking.

In addition, cooking gives me choices of enjoying many different cuisines. African cuisines are made up with different locally blended foods. In order to enjoy food very well, one has to mix the food according to one’s taste. For example, some people prefer to eat rice with breadfruit, while others eat it with beans. Personally, I love to eat bitter-leaf with soup-breadfruit without any condiment and it is hardly seen in the fast food arena. Again, in the area of baking, I always use unusual condiment for my mixture. Most of the time, I use honey instead of sugar, mix cake with different vegetables instead of only flour, prefer baking instead of frying, frying egg with water instead of oil, mixing dough with olive oil instead of butter and so on. Again, being a missionary, I have tasted different kinds of cuisines from different cultural background and even learnt how to prepare them. In order to enjoy myself more or make those around me happier, I sometimes I cook blended cuisine from different cultural backgrounds. I have also planned to do cooking as an elective course in order to learn more on how to prepare other different cuisines. I really enjoy cooking because it gives me many options for eating enjoyable cuisines

Apart from enjoying different cuisines, cooking saves time and money. For you to enjoy cooking more, you have to create enough time and enough money at a particular time. In my missionary community here in the United States, we always buy food stuffs, such as rice, meat, legume of different species, vegetables, fruits, condiments to mention a few in a larger quantity and keep them in the store, freezer and refrigerator respectively. We also cook in a larger quantity and store in both the freezer and refrigerator separately. Vegetable is added on a daily basis whenever one needs to eat. Apart from occasional relaxation to buy cooked food is somehow costly and time consuming. For example, there was a day we ran short of food in the house, and I went to the market, I decided to buy some already prepared vegetables are and meat at Costco for lunch before I started cooking. To my greatest surprise, the time it took me to join in the line just to buy a plate of vegetable is more than the time I used to buy the whole food stuff I bought that day. Besides, the vegetable was very expensive to compare with assorted vegetables I bought for the house that day. In other words, cooking saves a lot of time and money.

In conclusion, cooking is one of the most amazing things I cherish in my life. Though I learnt cooking out of necessity, I never regret knowing how to cook. Cooking has helped me to enjoy some nutritious foods that produce adequate taste and immunity. It has also help me to share different blended cuisine with satisfaction, and also save time and money. I really appreciate the circumstances that made me to develop deeper interest in cooking because, I deeply believe that cooking and eating good food add more years to individuals lives and happiness.

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