Things That i Love

Juan Echeverry 
Professor McConnell

Things That I Love
Everybody has something that loves, sometimes is and object, a person, or a place that makes them happy. In my case, the things that I love were left behind when I decided to move to another country, for that reason, what I love was left behind, but even four years later, I still remember what I used to love.

One of the things that I used to love where the weekends, why? Because those were the days that I didn’t have to wake up early in the morning to go to school, of course these memories are from a time where I was still in high school. During Fridays after school at one o’clock, I was already happy, I knew that my weekend fill with plans were about to start, sometimes I used to go with my dad and spend the weekend with him, but others I just decided to stay home. At 7 o’clock my mom and my step dad where already home, so we used to talk about what place would we like to go to eat, sometimes restaurants, another times the mall; going out to eat was perfect, I didn’t have to pay for the food, so I was able to order what I want. After eating, we used to go back home and the stay awake late playing videogames. During the Saturdays, we used to stay home until the night and go out to eat, or go to the lake, were my step dad has a chalet with 6 cabin that he used to rent, and stay there the rest of the weekend. For that reason, I used to love weekends.

The family is one of the most important things that we have in life, and at the same time we can love those relatives with all of our heart, in my case, those relatives are my mom (Paula), and my grandmother (Blanca), my love for these two ladies started when we separated, and I decided to move to another country, the moment that you get into an airplane and say the last “good bye” to those that you love but never know until the moment that separate, makes you understand who much you love them. My grandmother is 88 years old, and lives in Colombia with my aunt, and ever since I was a child I saw an old lady, with the biggest and kindest heart I have ever met in my life, and knowing that it would take a time to see her again, made me understand how much I love her. In the other hand, my mom came with me to “deliver me” to my dad, so I spend the first days of my new life with her, and at the moment that I had to say, “good bye” again hurts me really much, but it wasn’t the one that made me lover more than before. What made me lover more than before was all the support that she gave me when I was struggling while adapting to a new life. My mom became my friend, those that you can tell everything, and you know that what that person is going to say is going to help you, so my mom became my adviser, she help me taking decisions, she was the one that was at the phone with me, when I felt that I couldn’t stay here no more, and wanted to return to Colombia, she was the one that helped me, while I was going through a stressful situation, and that is why I started to love her even more than before, with that in mind, two years ago I took the decision of tattooing their names in my wrists, what I would never regret.

Now as a grown person, what I love is the days off, those days when I don’t have to go to work or to study, in these days what I do is wake up when my body tells me that I can’t sleep no more, and that usually lead me to wake up in the afternoon, but I never care, I still have plans to do. My goal for the day if I don’t have anything to do, is to relax, forget about everything, work, college, girlfriend, and responsibilities, because is my day of and I want to be in peace to enjoy it, so normally, what I do is just stay in bed watching movies or playing videogames all day, and only leaving to get food, the peace that I feel in those perfect days (that I rarely have), make me really happy, but the days when you sleep pass twelve o’clock are really short, so normally I only enjoy the night. Been fully relax, and enjoy those moments, are the one that makes me love my days off.

Think, and do the thing that you like, or just simply be close to ones that you love can make everything feel different, makes you forget about the stressful world that some of us deal every day, puts a smile in your face in most of the things that can be happening with you in that moment, helps you relive all of that stress that you have been accumulating for days, and helps you keep going, those are the things that we are most attach to, and that are really hard to let go, like I said at the beginning, the thing that everybody loves, is different one from another, but at the end the love that we have for them, is really important for most of us.

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