It’s true what they say, It is uncertain where life is going to take you, I’ve been lucky enough that life has brought me to the Restore Ministries after school program in the city of Elizabeth to work as a tutor. I work as a part-time tutor, and I love it. I believe I can make a difference in a child’s life. As a mother I know how difficult is to keep a full- time job, keep up with the house chores, and most importantly raise a child. I remember back in the days, my mom and step father worked all day, so I have to do my assignments all by myself. My mom was eager to help me when she came home from work, but the tiredness in her face was pitiful, so I always said I did not need any help. Although I knew how to do all my homework, I realized that I wanted to share my academic achievements with my mother, I wanted her to see that I was doing very well in math. I needed her support and attention. I am very confident that this after school program is beneficial for children whose parents work and do not have time to be involve in their children’s education. I also believe children can do better than what they think they can, so I like to help them discover that. Many children lose motivation for school because they are failing in 1 or 2 subjects. When I see that happening, I assure them that a bad grade does not define who they are, and if they study hard, they will understand the subject and get better grades. I also tell them that they can ask me the same question hundreds of times if that is what is going to take for them to understand the material. I know many of their parents are working full-time and do not have time to check their homework or assignments , therefore, I like them to know that there is somebody there for them. I also love to inspire children to achieve their best in many ways. It is very important that children know that there is someone who listens and cares for them. I have developed a close relationship with them to understand when a student is distracted or experiencing a lack of motivation. Every child loves attention, and tutoring allows to provide it. Attention boost children’s self confidence and self worth. Students who have a good self-esteem prove to have better peer relationships in the future. I love tutoring because I interact with children of different ages, races and cultures.I love being a tutor because I like to help students become better every day. I love being a tutor because I want to be part of a child’s success in life . We are a big family. We read, write,study, play, and shared a great dinner together. There are laughs, games, fun, but above all much love.I hope to continue being part of such amazing program.

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