Yvonne Verna
May 16, 2017 · 4 min read

Yvonne Verna

Class: ENG112

Professor: McConnell

Date: May 16, 2017

In our daily lives, everybody has something they like to do. For some people like to play soccer, baseball, cook, or listen to music, and watch TV, but others they like to read books, go out and travel. As for me, I really enjoy cleaning and cooking, but cleaning is one my favorite chores I like to do. I really like to clean because I do not like a disorganized house, however, I want everything to be in their own spot, clean and smell good. Since I go to school and work, I cannot clean everyday therefore, I do not have time to clean, but every Saturday morning before I go to work I clean a little bit.

Do you know why I like to clean? Let me tell you why I like to clean, I like to clean because it is the best therapy for me it reduces stress. I have a lot of stress in my life, therefore, I usually used cleaning as a method to reduce my stress because it helps me. When I am cleaning, I forget everything until I finish. When I wake up at 6 o’clock in the morning every Saturday, I begin to clean. I like cleaning inside and outside my house. Many times, I am cleaning, I do not feel tired until I finish it all. Most of the time, I begin cleaning my bedroom since it takes more time to fix everything. I usually change my bed, dust the dresser, fixe my clothes, and put out the dirty clothes. In addition, I wipe the windows, change the curtains, sweep, and mop the floor. I really like when my bedroom smells good therefore, I spray my bedroom with a hair freshener and I close the door to keep the smell for as long as possible.

Next, I do the living room, clean the sofa, wipe the tables, the flowers on the table vase, clean the TV and the TV stand. After that, I change the curtains on the living room, clean my computer desktop, fix my books, sweep, and mop the floor.

When I finish the living room, it is time for the kitchen. I clean the stove, microwave, all the cabinets, the sink, the refrigerator, put out the garbage as well. I also clean the dining room table, the chairs, sweep, and mop the floor. When I finish, I light scented candles to make the house smell good. I leave with my father, he does not wake up early, so I clean his bedroom when he wakes up. When I see my dad go to the kitchen to make his breakfast, I take the opportunity to clean his bedroom quickly because after he finish eating, he likes to go back to his bedroom to listen to the news. I rapidly fix his bed, clean his dresser, fix his closet, and take the dirty clothes to wash. Lastly, I sweep and mop the floor and I am done to cleaning my dad bedroom.

At the end, I clean the bathroom. Bathroom is the last part I do because I like to take my shower once I am done cleaning. I clean the toilet, the sink, the mirror, the tub and change the shower curtain, and the floor mats. It is time to take my shower, I take a hot shower to relax my body. After I am done all of my work, I get hungry. I go to the kitchen to eat something and after I am finish eating, I go back to my room and lie down on my bed to relax.

To conclude, cleaning is something I happy to do when it is time to do. After my bed break, I am very happy with my work because my house is clean and smell good.



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