Buy one, give one. Now in a fresh shape

When you buy a Keepod, we give one to a person living without computer access. A Keepod can make someone’s world change completely:

Jonathan, a 16-year old boy from Malawi, has received a Keepod device through a Keepod Project at his school. If you ask Jonathan what his life would be like if he had never accessed personal computing, he says: “My life would be far behind what it is now. The computer has led me to discover many new, different things. It has led to improve my skills and my knowledge. It has helped me build windmills and cars. Personal computing access has changed my life.”

That is why we are happy to announce that new possibilities for how to donate a Keepod are available, which makes it easy for everyone to contribute to bridging the digital divide. Starting today, on the Keepod Store, you can get your personal Keepod item and support good causes. For every Keepod item bought we give one Keepod to a person without access to personal computing. Buy one, give one.

Check out our collection here.

Our Give projects are supporting education for those who lack access to communication and information technologies. Creating impact in these communities is our heart and soul. That is why we invite NGOs and charitable organizations working in this field to apply for a Keepod Give Project.

We are placing Keepod projects in any country, just as it shapes the specific needs of students worldwide. If you are interested in such a Give Project please contact us and provide us with some details of your project. We are looking forward to your application!